Switzerland: harmless wolf executed

A wolf followed a person for a long time and then stopped at a distance of two meters. Since the animal could have been potentially dangerous to humans, it was killed (!!!).

That’s what it’s about:
-A male wolf recently came very close to a person in Surselva.
-In order to avoid the risk of endangering people, the canton decided to shoot the animal.
-It is probably a lone wolf.
-Attempts to scare the wolf away had previously failed.
-Wolves are generally not dangerous to humans. They generally avoid people.

In the past few weeks, there have been a number of worrying encounters between a solitary wolf and humans in settlements in the upper Surselva, which can be classified as problematic behavior (!!!) of a wolf with a potential threat to humans.
This was announced by the Office for Hunting and Fisheries on Friday.

“The canton has therefore decided to shoot the problem animal using the general police clause.
The wolf was killed by the game guard in the night of January 20, 2022,” says the communiqué.

Harassment without success

The game warden had been closely following developments regarding the encounters of the lone wolf with humans for some time and was in contact with the community authorities.
Several attempts to equip the animal with a telemetry transmitter and scare it away with rubber bullets were unsuccessful.

At the same time, encounters within the settlement area had increased sharply in the past few weeks, with the wolf increasingly attracting attention with problematic behavior that potentially endangered humans.
So there was an encounter last Sunday morning at 6.15 a.m., in which the wolf followed a person unnoticed and finally stayed close to the person at a distance of two meters for a longer period of time, before continuing to run in the direction of the village.
The apparently increasing habituation of this wolf to humans and the resulting increased risk of endangerment for humans were alarming.
The male wolf that has been killed in the meantime is very likely a solitary wolf.

Application of the general police clause

In order to avoid the risk of increasing danger to people, (!!!) the canton decided to shoot the problem animal (?) using the general police clause. The wolf was killed in the night of January 20, 2022 in the immediate vicinity of a settlement and transferred to the Fiwi Center for Fish and Wildlife Medicine in Bern for further examinations.
The genetic analysis will be carried out at the Laboratoire de Biology de la Conservation, Université de Lausanne.


And I mean…Quite perverse: a non-aggressive wolf is shot down because it behaves like a dog towards humans!
So…problem wolf because he got too close?
So getting close is already a problem?
Is it really the wolf that comes too close to us, or is it not rather we who are spreading more and more and depriving the animals of their last place of refuge?

What outrageous nonsense!!!
Absolutely no Mernsch has been attacked by a wolf in Switzerland since 1995, where native wolves have returned.
Absolutely nobody at all.

Apart from that- the reference to the “police general clause” is shameful.
A shooting is still “intra legem” ( within the law) , to a certain extent a state emergency, and not to be compared with the factual freedom of the wolf to approach humans.
Ultimately, it was no different than the right to kill with impunity.

My best regards to all, Venus

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