Blow Fixx, hangers, injections: This is how cows are manipulated during milking

Cows and calves lead a cruel existence in the dairy industry. Newborn calves are usually separated from their mothers immediately after birth.
The female offspring usually suffers the same exploitative fate as the mothers and is also intended for milk production.
At the age of about one year, female calves are artificially inseminated for the first time. After birth, they are separated from their child and then milked for the first time.

The dairy industry employs obnoxious and manipulative practices to calm cows during milking and to resolve so-called milk blockages.

Panicked cows in the milking parlour

Young cows in particular sometimes fight back during the milking process.
They don’t stand still in the milking parlor and can’t stand having their udders touched by people and their mother’s milk milked by machines.
The young animals are afraid, panic and try to defend themselves with kicks.

In view of this defensive behavior, the dairy industry does not conclude that they should leave the animals alone and stop stealing their mother’s milk.
Rather, she fixes the young cows with so-called hip restraints or stirrups.
The arched metal devices are clamped around the cow’s waist so that she cannot defend herself with kicks.

In addition, the animals are often injected with synthetically produced oxytocin. The so-called “mother-child hormone” is supposed to calm the cow so that she willingly “gives” her milk.

BlowFixx blows air into cows’ vaginas

It is difficult for us to understand how people came up with the idea of blowing air into the genitals of cows so that they “give away” their mother’s milk.
Unfortunately, the dairy industry is unaware that human beings do not need non-native breast milk – and certainly not in adulthood.

On the contrary, the exploitative industry has even developed a special device that uses a stainless steel probe to blow air into the animals’ vaginas in order to be able to milk young, frightened cows better.

This device is called “BlowFixx”.
In the past, some dairy farms are said to have used garden hoses for the heinous practice, which can sometimes be difficult to insert into the animal’s vagina due to their mobility.

Cows are not milk machines

At PETA, we are appalled at the normality with which these disgusting devices are advertised.
Rather than face the obvious question of why cows don’t want to be milked and stop exploiting the animals, the dairy industry resorts to unsavory manipulation and relegates cows to milk machines.

Cattle are social and affectionate animals that naturally take great care of their children and provide them with the best possible supply from their mother’s milk.
Applying the disgusting practices of the dairy industry to dogs or cats would cause a societal outcry – and rightly so.
The classification of different animal species into so-called pets and so-called livestock is man-made.
It rests on a deeply speciesist mindset that urgently needs to end.

Whether cows continue to be deprived of their mother’s milk is in our hands. Please reach for plant-based milk alternatives to break this painful, speciesistic cycle.

With our free and non-binding Veganstart program, you can easily start an animal-friendly life. The vegan lifestyle offers far-reaching benefits – for the animals, our environment and our health.
It’s best to try it out today!

And I mean…Humans are the only creature that continues to drink breast milk after weaning, albeit from a different species.

Milk is one of the staple foods for many people – but they are clearly in the minority.
A large part of the world’s population does not tolerate milk.
Around three quarters of all people worldwide are lactose intolerant: They lack lactase, i.e. the enzyme that can process lactose in the body.
In Europe, around 30 percent of adults suffer from lactose intolerance. For them, milk consumption leads to abdominal pain, bloating and flatulence.

The countries in which milk is not a staple food clearly show that people can survive and even live healthily without cow’s milk.

There is hardly a food that is more unnatural for humans than animal milk.
As with all mammals, this substance is designed to nurture a newborn of its own kind.
In order for humans to be able to obtain cow’s milk, for example, the calf must first be removed from the only natural food chain.

This is done by snatching the children from the mother cow immediately after birth.
In order to deliver the quantities that are required, the whole thing is now even being carried out industrially and the cows in this perverse machine are artificially inseminated every year and are practically permanently pregnant for the rest of their lives.

And all this just so that Homo sapiens can also consume the mother’s milk of another species in adulthood.
Anyone who confuses that with naturalness is either an idiot or an ignoramus

My best regards to all, Venus

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