Hawaii becomes first US state to ban fishing for shark 💖🦈

Fishing for sharks is a major problem worldwide.

Around 100 million of these wonderful animals are cruelly captured and killed every year.
The stocks hardly have time to recover, since sharks only become sexually mature at 20 to 30 years of age.
A collapse is therefore inevitable if something does not suddenly change worldwide.

The US state of Hawaii is now setting a good example and has banned the fishing of sharks in its territorial waters since January 1, 2022.
Both fishing and angling are prohibited.
This means that no removal of any kind from the regional stocks may take place, nor any capture with the purpose of locking up the shark in any facilities and displaying it, and the deliberate killing of a shark has been considered a criminal offense since then.

After the ban on swimming with dolphins, Hawaii is thus taking on a pioneering role among the coastal states of the USA with regard to the protection of marine animals.

As early as 2010, Hawaii banned the killing of sharks for the purpose of obtaining their dorsal fin, i.e. “shark finning”.
Quoting Brian Neilson from the Hawaiian authorities:
“We are aware of how important sharks are for a healthy ecosystem in the oceans.”.

He also stressed that the ban underscores the importance of sharks to Hawaiians and their culture.
The first violator of the ban will be fined $500, the second $2,000, and the third $10,000.

In addition, an administrative fee of $10,000 is due from the very first violation.
The authority is also entitled to confiscate the fishing or fishing license and to confiscate the boat and equipment.

Fishermen are encouraged to steer clear of shark territory and use barbless circle hooks to release mistakenly caught sharks quickly and without serious injury.

We very much welcome this step by Hawaii and hope that many other states will follow suit.

The shark is a fascinating creature and by no means the beast it is often portrayed as.
If we don’t invade its habitat and don’t disturb it, then it doesn’t pose any danger to humans.

Today the last chance is to do something against the ethical crime of “shark finning” in the EU.

Please take a few minutes and sign the important citizens’ initiative “STOP FINNING – STOP THE TRADE” if you haven’t already, tomorrow will be too late:


Text: Together for the animals

AndI mean…Sharks are disappearing at an alarming rate, largely due to shark fishing and being victims of bycatch. Humans need sharks, but there are few laws that protect them.
But now, Hawaii is paving the way for change.

Despite the new law, there are exceptions that allow a lot of wiggle room for offenders to get away. For example, sharks caught as bycatch will not be counted as a violation. Special permits may also be granted to fish sharks by DLNR.

Hopefully, other states will also follow Hawaii’s lead on banning shark fishing and help better protect our oceans, because we, human animals are most certainly willing to hunt a species to extinction..

But we can all do something to help save sharks, and not just these animals.
When we stop eating fish, meat and all the products of animals

My best regards to all, Venus

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