UK: Finally Alok Sharma Replies To Our COP26 Conference Letter Asking About Vegan Food.

Last year, October 2021 to be precise, I wrote to my MP asking him to contact Alok Sharma regarding what appeared to be a distinct lack of veggie and vegan food at the COP26 (Climate) conference.

You can read the original letter and information here:

8 October 2021 letter:

England: Vegan Food At COP26. Why None ? – WAV Now Write To MP and Ask Him To Contact Mr Sharma For Responses. Keep Ramping It Up Sort Of Thing ! – World Animals Voice

Well finally, like 8th March 2022,   Alok Sharma has written a reply to the letter.

I attach a copy of his letter for you to view and decide on the results for yourself.


Regards Mark

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