Day: June 1, 2022

Worldwide: 14/6/22 – Ban Live Exports: International Awareness Day – Please Give Your Support.

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First; get your cash out (as animal people) and please make a donation to:  Please Support Spencer In His Work To Raise Funds For Our Great Friends At ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’, India. – World Animals Voice

Spencer is doing his bit for AAU despite personal health issues; and a donation is the least that can be done is to support him and the wonderful Animal Aid Unlimited (AAU)..

Second;  live animal transport is happening the world over; on the road, rail and at sea right now, today, 1/6/22.  Everything needs to be done to raise as much publicity about the international live export awareness day on 14/6 as possible.  It does not matter where you are in the world, or how big or little a group you represent; just get involved on your patch.

I have personally seen the suffering of this disgusting business for well over 30 years; and now it is time to confine it as a sick chapter in the book of animal history – abuses.

Please support BOTH these asks for help;

Regards Mark (WAV)

Animals Angels.
Recent Live Export IAW – London.

From ‘Compassion In World Farming’ (CIWF) – London.

Compassion in World Farming | Compassion in World Farming (

There’s two weeks to go until our seventh annual Ban Live Exports: International Awareness Day!

After two years of exclusively online events due to restrictions on gatherings, we’re so excited to be back with a rally in London. Will you join us on Tuesday 14th June and show your support for a ban on the live export of animals?

Rally location confirmed

The flagship UK event for Ban Live Exports Day will be at Parliament Square in London from 12.30-2pm on Tuesday 14th June. Join campaigners from far-and-wide as we come together with MPs and special guests to help end this suffering.

How to get involved:

Join our London rally and help call on the UK Government to progress the Kept Animals Bill, which would ban live exports from Britain, without further delay.
If you can’t join us in London, don’t worry. We’ll be livestreaming at the event on our Facebook page so you can watch online.
Get your banners ready! Download one here, or make your own, to bring to the rally or post a selfie on social media on June 14th with the hashtag #BanLiveExports.
Keep your eyes peeled as next month we’ll be launching brand-new actions to demand the UK Government, and the EU, end this cruel trade for good.

Together we can take the next steps towards ending a cruel, outdated, and unnecessary global trade. I look forward to standing with you on June 14th.

Sarah Moyes
Senior Campaigns Manager UK

PS: Don’t forget to head over to our Facebook event and let us know if you’re able to join us for this day of action.

Regards Mark

On tour in the Netherlands againstall factory farming.