Day: June 11, 2022

Welfarm’s new campaign exposes the suffering of farm animals in hot weather.

10 June 2022



As the summer season approaches, Welfarm launches its new campaign to end the suffering of farm animals in hot weather.

Climate change will increase the intensity and frequency of heat waves, posing increased risks to farm animal welfare. The IPCC Sixth Assessment Report recently showed that climate change is causing a steady increase in temperature. This increase is not without effect on farm animals.

For several years, Welfarm has been reporting on the suffering of animals transported by extreme temperatures. On 19 May, Welfarm decided to go one step further by alerting the general public and institutional actors to the consequences of global warming for farm animals whether on farms or in trucks and boats. 

With this new campaign Welfarm calls on authorities to radically change the conditions under which animals are kept and transported to put an end to the suffering they endure during heat waves.

Welfarm’s demands are as follows:

With regard to livestock

  • Reduce densities,
  • Ensure an appropriate environment for the animals (access to open-air for terrestrial animals, shaded ponds for fish).

With regard to transport

  • No transport of animals at temperatures above 30°C,
  • Ban on export of live animals to non-EU countries.

Regarding transport, Welfarm has relaunched its Truck Alert application, which makes it possible to report trucks transporting animals during hot weather. 

For more information on the campaign or to sign the petition: click here

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China: Yulin Starts 21/6 – Despite All The Talk, It Appears It Will Continue.

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11/6 – we are not really able to get any positive news about what is happening this year; but it does look likely that the Yulin festival WILL go ahead.

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