Day: June 15, 2022

England: CIWF Awards 2022 – Although Personally Vegan; You Must Support International Organisations Trying To Better Animal Welfare.


WAV and its founder have been involved with CIWF for several decades now.

It was in the campaign fighting against the live animal export trade that CIWF CEO Phil Lymbery and Mark of WAV first met, what 35 (or more) years ago.

As someone who does not exploit animals in any way through diet, it is always difficult to give credit to organisations which do use animal flesh, or eggs etc in their production methods.

But only through awards such as those given globally by CIWF today can we encourage and better animal welfare standards by putting those who are making improvements for better welfare to be the recipients of the awards presented today. There is no way forward other than conversion to better animal welfare methods – and I hope these awards will do this.

The world is not completely vegan; nor unfortunately will it ever totally be; I think we all have to accept that whilst doing what we can to throw the bad boys out of the bus and encourage those who are doing better to improve their standards even more. That is the basis of these awards. We all want a perfectly cruelty free world, but it takes a long time to get anywhere even near this.

It is through award schemes such as this; and recognising those who are making efforts, can we move on even more and persuade them to throw more into animal welfare.

Please click here to read lots more from CIWF on the awards given today:

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Regards Mark

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