Day: June 5, 2022

UK: A Party At ‘Buck House’. 70 Years As Queen.

The front of the palace portraying images of the Queen.

There was a party this weekend (4/6/22) at ‘Buck House’; or Buckingham Palace as it is better known.

Why ? – because Her Majesty the Queen is celebrating her platinum jubilee – a celebration held to mark an anniversary. Among monarchies, it usually refers to a 70th anniversary.  So 70 years as the head of the British Commonwealth and all its people.  There have been big events all over the UK and many other commonwealth nations to celebrate this rather amazing event.

Her majesty joined in the fun by having Paddington Bear to tea, complete with marmalade sandwiches !!

Our great animal advocate Brian May of ‘Queen’ started the party as always; and it was especially great to see him in his Badger suit; having done so much in recent times to help stop the badger cull.

Setts, Drugs and Rock n Roll by Dr Brian May:

Here is Brian in his badger jacket – right hand breast pocket area:

As the darkness arrived, the palace became a huge ‘screen’ showing an amazing record of the life of the queen, and a section given by Prince William on the environment and the importance of working to stop climate change and help protect the animal species of the world.

See the princes speech here – and you can see how the palace became an environmental screen for a few minutes on this issue – it was impressive !

Personally, for me, there was just one person who was missing; and that was Princess Diana, the people’s Princess.  If she were still here today then she would have played a major part in the protection of the environment and animals – that was the kind of person we had in her.

Regards Mark

A Badger enjoys his visit to my garden – Photo: Mark (WAV).