Day: June 18, 2022

India: June Rescue Videos and More From The Amazing Crew at ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’.

Above – Founding family Erika, Claire and Jim, and the Animal Aid Unlimited team.

Hi all;

This arrived from Erika and the crew at AAU earlier in the week, but did not arrive through the usual inbox route.  This has happened a few times now, and we are getting our computer people in next week to see if we can sort this, plus some other issues.

Apologies to Erika and the team for getting this out late.

Come on folks, dig deep and after watching the videos, we hope you will consider making a donation to further help the team with future rescues, or additionally you can support (sponsor) one of the special need animals by using this link –

As with all animal advocates, we give our condolences to the family of Mithu Bai and thank her for being special and giving so much of her time to helping those less fortunate.



Dear Mark,

Ourbeauty salon for sheephas experienced a little bump up of activity with temps soaring into the 40s C (100s F). We’re careful though to leave enough fur to protect from sunburn, and these sweethearts–Barbara, Cashew, Raisin, Bailey and Bertie each love their day in the spa.

One of our recent UK volunteers, Paul, remarked that although there are sheep in so many pastures in his country, they’re often shy; they’re not used to being lovingly touched, so they usually run from you if you try to pet them. But our gentle sheep believe that only good things come from human contact and they’ll often nudge and nuzzle their way in as close as they can. Thank you for the help that enables us to give permanent home to many species of angel!

Suri was stuck in tar, now she’s surrounded in love.

Little Suri was almost lost in hardened tar covering literally every inch of her body. Saving her precious life took 10 loving hands working for hours. We don’t know how long she’d been stuck in the tar, or how she made her way into the yard where the tar had been carelessly dumped in the dirt, but she was almost unconscious from exhaustion, dehydration and heat stroke. Her tail was stuck to her thighs and herlegs were stuck together. All she could move were her eyes.

Our team went to work with vegetable oil and soap to loosen up the tar so that it could be washed off. It took hours of gentle massaging to soften the tar and frequent breaks had to be given to allow her to rest and drink water by syringe. When Suri was finally freed from the grip of the tar, she nearly jumped for joy. And so did we.

Sometimes it’s not medicine that does the trick. It’s hours of work, a pinch of luck, blended in love.

Please donate today.

Sukie took Belle’s grief and turned it to love.

Sukie is blind and had been abandoned after a road accident. After we rescued her, and she recovered from her injuries, she was on her own amongst our 100 plus cows as the only horse in hospital. She was surrounded by animals and humans, but she was clearly lonely. Sukie desperately needed another horse, because horses need horses to talk to, to groom, to play with, to take comfort from in their shared language.

In a separate incident across the city, a horse lay dying from a suspected twisted intestine. But she wasn’t alone. Her dearest companion was a little red mare, who appeared out of the blue following the ambulance at full gallop, as we transported her critically ill friend to our hospital.

Back in the hospital, we did everythingp we could to help the suffering horse, but sadly she didn’t have the strength to make it. She passed away quietly within a few hours, with her friend by her side. Her friend circled and seemed to grieve. But then, she saw Sukie.

This video is a tribute to all friends.Belle was the answer to Sukie’s prayers. And Sukie must be the answer to Belle’s in turn.

For the surprise around the corner, please donate today

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A horrible wound, but Hopeful asked us to try…

Our rescue team must have gasped when they saw the sheer size of this street dog’s gaping neck wound. He couldn’t lift his head and he was nearly unconscious.

We rushed him to our hospital and began work to heal this complicated and horrible wound. At first, we weren’t sure he would have the strength to survive. But he wouldn’t give up hope, and neither would we.

Meet Hopeful now!

Love keeps hope alive, please donate.

After receiving oxygen, puppy bounces back in one day!

This sweetheart was hit by a car and neighbors found himcollapsed, bleeding from his nose.We were relieved to find no fractures but his breathing was labored and we worried he had internal injuries.

After receiving oxygen, soothed with rest and comfort and medicine, this littlelove-magnet has bounced back with adorable enthusiasm.

Thank you for being the reason why we can help when animals need it most.

In loving memory

We sorrowfully share with you that our loving member of staff,

animal caregiver Mithu Baipassed away on May 31st.

She had been a part of the Animal Aid family since 2016. We are deeply saddened, and grateful for the thousands of animals comforted by her loving spirit, and the staff and volunteers whose lives she brightened.

Her memory will be part of Animal Aid Unlimited forever.

New Hydraulic Lift Ambulance is a special gift for big cows and bulls

When a cow or bull needed rescue, it used to take 5-10 people to lift the usually panicking animal into the rescue vehicle, and the stress and risk of injury was high. Now we have 3 ambulances outfitted with hydraulic lifts, thanks to the generosity of several very special donors.

Regards Mark