China: Yulin Starts 21/6 – Despite All The Talk, It Appears It Will Continue.

Dear all;

You can read all of our past posts relating to Yulin by clicking on the following link:

Search Results for “yulin” – World Animals Voice

11/6 – we are not really able to get any positive news about what is happening this year; but it does look likely that the Yulin festival WILL go ahead.

I am providing a few links here for you to read if you wish:

Dog Meat Trade – Humane Society International (

Controversial 10-day Yulin Dog Meat Festival set to kick off amid cancellation, rescue efforts (

Yulin Dog Meat Festival 2022: When Is It, Why Is It Held and What Happens? (

Rescuers save dogs from being sent to Yulin meat festival to be ‘made into soup’ – Daily Star

Regards Mark

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