Day: July 4, 2022

Fur Free Europe – Please Sign and Support the Citizens Initiative. Pass On Link To All EU Citizens You Can; Only They Can Sign This.

Hi all;

Had this through from friend and animal buddy Mark (Glover) at Respect For Animals.

Have put this on the site as it is very important action against fur farming; and 1 Million signatures need to be obtained during the next year for EU action on this citizens initiative.  This can only be signed by citizens of the EU; so if you are one of them, please do it and pass on the link to all your contacts.

Please note –  ONLY EU CITIZENS can sign this – here is the citizens initiative / petition link:

Fur Free Europe | Eurogroup for Animals


Animals on fur farms live in intense confinement, in row upon row of small barren cages. They suffer from self-mutilation, infected wounds, missing limbs and cannibalism. Fur farming contravenes even the most basic concept of animal welfare.

The European Citizens’ Initiative “Fur Free Europe” calls on the EU to:

  • Ban fur farms
  • Ban farmed fur products from the European market

Be part of achieving history! 

Act now by adding your name to the Initiative.

This is not just a petition. Once we reach 1 million validated signatures, the European Commission is obliged to respond and take action.

Respect for Animals website –

Respect for Animals | Campaign against animal fur – Fur for Animals

Fur farming bans around the world – A Guide To Fur Bans Around The World | Respect for Animals – Impressive !

Regards Mark