Day: July 22, 2022

France: Amazingly Brilliant News: In a Campaign That Started Back In 1996, Air France Now (2022) Announces It Will Put an End to Future New Primate Shipment Contracts to Laboratories. Brilliant !!

Doing Our Bit for the Primates In London (Mauritius Embassey) – Photo: Mark (WAV).

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Have been dealing with specific animal issues over the last few days, but here now there is some good news for you all to read about.  I will put each story on as an individual post in order that you can read and copy link if you wish.

Lets start with some amazing news, and huge congratulations to each and everyone involved with this campaign, for their tenacity and continuation of the fight for the primates.  Since 1996; wow; I knew it was a long campaign as we have followed and done our bit here in England over the years; but I did not quite realise it was that long.  Excellent and so very well deserved – well done all !!

London Mauritanian Embassey Demo. – Photo – Mark (WAV).
Sad Primate destined for the labs – Paradise Lost. Photo – Mark (WAV).

Click here to see us doing our bit in the past (37 years ago actually) in London for Mauritius caught primates:

UK / Mauritius: ‘Paradise Lost’ – 35 Years On (for us) and Mauritius Still Supplies Primates to the UK for Research. – World Animals Voice

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Air France puts an end to primate shipments to laboratories

1 July 2022

On Thursday 30 June 2022, Air France publicly announced that it would stop carrying primates for animal experimentation. After years of hard fighting, One Voice has succeeded in getting Air France to stop transporting primates.

France is one of the countries in Europe that continues to experiment on primates, experiments in which the suffering inflicted on our cousins is particularly severe. Since 1996, we have been asking Air France to stop taking part in this torture inflicted on primates. We are extremely happy with this decision, even if it comes late in relation to the issue and other companies.”

Muriel Arnal, President of One Voice

Air France was one of the last major national airlines to continue to take part in the cruel trade in animals for use by laboratories, and in particular monkeys, most of which come from the Republic of Mauritius, where they are violently captured in the wild and destined for reproduction. Many of them are sent abroad, turning France into the hub of this trade, which is certainly legal, but dreadful. 

This decision comes against the backdrop of the collection of one million signatures for the Save Cruelty Free Cosmetics European Citizens’ Initiative to stop animal testing for cosmetics and the unanimous vote by MEPs to phase out animal testing in the EU by September 2021, and the effective implementation by the end of the year of the ban on the use of F1 primates(first generation primates born in captivity from wild-caught parents), with many other national and cargo companies having ceased these activities.

We have a thought for the macaques from Indonesia, Cambodia, Mauritius, transiting via the Silabe platform (in connection with the University of Strasbourg), for those still transported by other companies (Wamos Air, Egyptair or AirBridgeCargo), but also via Russia or the United States.

The decision will not be effective immediately but at the end of Air France’s current contracts with research laboratories.

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