Day: July 3, 2022

England: Message From Mark.

Hi all;

This is just a word to let you know that things will be slowing down, or stopping, for a while.

I thank you for your support and kind messages, but as always, there are just a few which arrive and make no serious comment, but do contribute to how one feels about things. 

I have personally suffered from Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for over 23 years now; that, plus the constant work of fighting for animal rights, which I have done for over 40 years now, kind of drags you down a bit sometimes – and now is one of those ‘real’ times.  In order to improve my health and get back to a better situation, I need to take some time out.

Please keep sending anything through the normal channels (Stacey (Our Compass ) and Erika (Animal Aid Unlimited ) as always); I am not going away, just lightening up for a time.  If and when I want to do posts, then they will be done; but at the moment I cannot go on researching and keeping the site going on a daily basis.

So you will see some reductions for a while; a period of re charging batteries and getting back to strength.  This is not the end for sure; but it is a time for closure until things improve.

There is the ‘Serbian Animals Voice’ site also which you can visit at

This gives an insight into what campaign work has been done in the past; especially huge fighting for the strays and fur bearers of Serbia since 2005; the Russian seal pups fight which was eventually stopped, and as always, live animal transport anywhere ! The Serbian site has been archived now but is still fully open for visitors. Check out some of the videos and our huge work in the archive section links on the left side.

There are also a few memories I share on the site from past campaign days:

A whitecoat pup netted by the Russian seal pup hunters.
Beautiful Whitecoat pup.
Doing our bit outside Downing Street, London (home of the brash, outrageous and free !) – Mark is Russian sealer on left. Read the campaign stories link below for more about this.

The crew hit Brussels to speak for the seal pups.

Thanks for understanding the situation and I will be back with you hopefully in the near future.

Regards Mark