Day: July 11, 2022

Germany: Hunter Shoots and Kills Domestic Cat Trapped In Live Trap Several Times Using A Pistol – Disturbing Footage.

1140GMT – 12/7/22.  UPDATE

I asked the question (to our contact ‘D’) if the cat was caught in the trap which could have been used normally to trap foxes instead.  The answer came back –  ‘NO – It was intentional’. 

Our informant continued:

In some German states it is legal to kill pets (more than others) – dogs and cats “on the prowl”. That is the hunters’ official excuse, but it is usually 300 meters from the last building, in rural areas, where that is allowed.

In this case the huntress in question argued that on this day there had been pheasants released for their hunting party, and the cat had gone after them.

Happens quite a lot, it seems. Then the hunters apply what is called the three S, “schiessen – schaufeln – Schnauze halten” / “shoot – dig – shut up”.

Pets being shot is not popular, of course, so they usually get rid of the bodies and say nothing.

Trio of 3 hunters in Bavaria, near Augsburg, catch and shoot pet cat (with collar, and so someone’s beloved pet). The person doing it is a woman hunter: twice in the face, once in the body (discussing if they should shoot the cat again).

PETA Germany has reported this after receiving the video from a whistleblower, and the district court of Augsburg has issued a penalty order. The case is not closed yet.
This apparently happened around Xmas 2020, but PETA only got wind of it this year.


Peta Germany via our contact.

This has been forwarded from a contact/activist friend in Germany.

Video: Hunter shoots cat in cold blood in live trap with pistol

Original article from January 3, 2021

A whistleblower of PETA played us videos of incomprehensible animal cruelty: In it, a hunter brutally kills a cat with several shots from a pistol. The cat is literally tortured to death. Previously, the animal, which according to the information wore a collar and probably had a loving home, had been caught in a so-called live trap. We file a criminal complaint with the Augsburg Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Huntress shoots several times at defenseless cat in live trap – she suffers agony

This was what happened: Probably shortly before Christmas 2020, a group of hunters in a forest area west of Augsburg filmed themselves brutally torturing and killing a trapped cat: The video shows a black and white cat that has fallen into a live trap. It is not known how long the animal had been trapped without food, heat and water at that time.

Instead of releasing the frightened and visibly stressed animal or taking it to a shelter, a hunter starts killing the cat with a pistol while still trapped. After three shots to the animal’s head at close range, the panicked cat is seriously injured in agony, but is still conscious. The agony this cat must have endured is unimaginable.

Watch the distressing video here:

Video: Hunter shoots cat in cold blood in live trap (

We at PETA Germany file a criminal complaint against the animal abusers

This cruel cruelty to animals must not go unpunished and must be punished severely by law.

We also demand that the hunting license of the persons present be withdrawn immediately. In addition, we call for a nationwide ban on the shooting of dogs and cats, so that such and many similarly brutal death scenes, which often take place in the context of hunting, do not continue.

Regards Mark

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Evil, absolute human trash, a waste of oxygen & space, when she goes to hell, she’ll be the one hunted for eternity, her endless suffering in return for her psychopathy and apathy of others. POS

Spain: Its ‘Tradition’ You Know; Other Nations See Sense, Stop Its Abuses and Move On.

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Enough of these “Traditions” animals are always abused and murdered because of religious traditions and others. Human beings are the most savage and low on the scale of evolution.

Spain’s Pamplona bull run returns in full force after 2-year COVID hiatus

7 Jul 2022 Sporting white clothing with red neckerchiefs, hundreds of brain dead don’t give a shit about much at all ‘thrill-seekers’ / animal abusers were chased through the narrow city-centre streets by raging, specially-bred fighting bulls to Pamplona’s bullring where the 800-metre course ends and the animals are then further abused and killed for the pleasure of these tossers.

Thursday’s run of the bulls lasted 2 minutes and 35 seconds. Three runners were taken to hospital due to injuries caused by falls, but unfortunately, nobody was gored, emergency services reported. The first bull run festival in the Spanish city kicked off following a two-year hiatus due to COVID restrictions

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