Day: July 17, 2022

Thailand: Vets Perform CPR On Mother Elephant As She Faints Protecting Baby Calf.

Rescue team perform CPR on mother elephant after she faints protecting trapped calf

Photo – Independent – London.

Two veterinarians performed CPR on a large mother elephant who fainted during the rescue of her trapped calf in Thailand.

By standing on the elephant’s chest, the vets used their weight to put pressure on the jumbo to wake her up.

The mother was protecting her one-year-old calf after it had fallen into a drain hole but became trapped during a panic when rescuers arrived to help.

After lifting her body out of the drain, doctors frantically massaged her with their hands and their feet to help her regain consciousness.

Both were later returned to the wild.

Watch the amazing rescue video here:

Rescue team perform CPR on mother elephant after she faints protecting trapped calf (

Regards Mark

England: Birds, Cockney and Cages. Oh, and ACTIONS !

England 17/7.  It is hot here today, and has been for most of the last week.  Tomorrow and Tuesday, the Met Office has put out Red alerts – the very highest heat conditions which could be expected – like 40+ C for England ! – come on man; no its true, conditions which have never reached these temperatures before are expected in the next few days.

Southern Europe, Spain, Portugal and France have experienced even higher temperatures.  Everyone is saying it is global waring causing this, but the other question is ‘anything being done abut it really ?’

I went out this morning and put fresh water into all the water compartments that we have in the garden – currently about 7; in conditions like this especially everyone must ensure that animals have lots of fresh cool water to drink and bathe in.  I took these pictures of all the birds enjoying their morning bath earlier, cleaning their feathers down and ridding themselves of all the dust, whilst having a good drink at the same time.

A lot of people from overseas would probably not associate London and the South east of England with Parakeets; but there are thousands of them flying freely in and around the area.  Animal buddy Pauline sent me thee pictures of London area Parakeets – they don’t squark Cockney yet but I guess it is just a matter of time.

Talking of Cockney me old China’s, have a butchers at this and learn:

Joking aside, it is conditions like this, temperatures like this, which especially bring home the suffering that must be endured by crated animals all across Europe.  It is now time to break the cages and liberate all the animals – you can do this (if you live in an EU member state) by adding your name to the citizens charter to free all the caged animals.  Here is a link which provides all the details – watch the video and then take action:

England: Caged Conditions We Found in the EU Were Nothing Short of Hellish. Ban the Cage Age Now. – World Animals Voice

The birds in the garden are free; they can bathe and wash down in stifling conditions like we are currently experiencing.  Animals in cages do not have that pleasure; such is the want of man.  Speak for them, break the cages and set them all free now.  Please sign the petition (EU citizens) or pass to others that can.

Regards Mark