England: Animal Aid Launch New University Animal Testing Campaign To Help Students Select Animal Free Testing Universities.

New animal testing campaign

Animal Aid, based here in our home county of Kent, have set up a new website called ‘Universities Challenged’; which helps students identify which universities conduct animal experiments and which reveals the scale of animal testing across the UK. 

Since its launch, Animal Aid have received an outpouring of positive feedback from students and non-animal scientists alike.  Furthermore, the resource has sent rumblings throughout the scientific and educational community, as it is the first website of its kind; allowing students to make informed choices on which university to attend based on whether their fees could be funding animal experiments.

Students and community members are already using the AA resources to put direct pressure on universities, and AA are currently working with several student groups who are planning actions at their universities.

For more, go to:

universitieschallenged.org.uk | Universities Challenged

Regards Mark

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