Dehorning: Painful mutilation

Painful mutilation, such as dehorning, is common practice in the dairy industry. The horn systems of the calves, which are only a few weeks old, are burned out – mostly without anesthesia.

At least two burns are inflicted on the animals with full pain sensation. Burns, we know from personal experience, are still painful even after days. That is why we can speak of cruelty to animals here.

Kalb, Enthornungn
Dehorning is a practice that is carried out in the meat and dairy industry and can be very traumatic for small calves due to the immense pain it causes.
This process is usually carried out with a hot iron rod.

There are two kinds:
One is powered by the rod, which is heated with electricity (240 volts), and the other is heated by a gas burner.

Each of them destroys the horn that creates the skin at its base and completely denatures the animal.

The farmer uses disposable gloves when performing this gruesome exercise, keeping the calf’s ear out of the reach of the stick, but heating the stick to unscrew the animal until it gets scorching hot.
Then they put the burner tip under pressure on the horn.

When the burnt hair starts to smoke, then they twist the bar with a twist of their wrist. The application of heat continues, the heat can be transmitted through the thin bones of the skull and the calfs of the calves are damaged.

enthotnung vom Kalbpg

The worst? Many farmers are not “experts” and practice this practice without experience, especially in villages.

The dehorning process ends when the farmer sees a copper-colored ring around the base of the horn.

The pictures in the video show how cows are fixed with their heads between bars and their horns are cut off with huge pliers. Blood runs over their head.

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My comment: The Animal Protection Law in Germany actually provides for a ban on amputations, including a ban on dehorning, but of course there are “exceptions”. If it is stated that dehorning is necessary to avoid the risk of accidents or injury, the farmer “must” intervene.

There are already breeds that are born genetically without horns.
Nice!! you might think, but in the end it is absurd that humans breed animals so that they are efficient, square, practical and good. Because the milk and meat mafia wants it that way.
It has nothing to do with nature anymore.

Pigs should all be the same size so that the bolt gun can be put on better and chickens should be of a uniform size so that they can be better placed in the holders upside down and their heads can be separated at the same place.

The animals are adapted to factory farming instead of accepting that animals were created to be free and not to serve us as captives.

If we don’t want to eat and have everything, we wouldn’t have to solve the problems we create ourselves. Our perverse, criminal relationship to animals proves every day of the new how underdeveloped we, human animals are on our moral.

My best regards to all, Venus

One thought on “Dehorning: Painful mutilation”

  1. Mankind is an only evil on this planet, all rest sentient beings are the victims of the evil.I may not spread this, because if Serbian herdsmen see what they do in German, they will be encouraged for even greater evils.When it is allowed to be done in Germany, why not run it in Serbia? – that is their logic. Horrible.


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