India: February Videos of Life Saving Rescues From ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’. Please Donate if You Can, Thank You.

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Dear Mark,


“How big is the wound?”

“Can she stand?”

“When was the last time he ate?”


The answers to questions like these are essential in determining out of the 70-90 emergency calls we receive each day which rescues are top priorities. Even with four rescue vehicles on the road, every day is a rush to get to the next animal as fast as possible. Thousands of callers have stayed by the side of an injured or ill animal keeping them safe until our ambulance arrives. To you wonderful friends, near and far, without whom countless animals would have perished, Happy Valentine’s Day. We just love you.



She looked like an ancient one, shriveled, gnarly and fading away. But this angel was succumbing to advanced mange, which had thrust her into the grip of intense itchiness, and crusted skin which broke apart in massive cracks. Like most mange dogs she had likely run herself ragged trying to escape the maddening itchiness. Now, she was deflated and perhaps preparing to let go of life itself. She faced her regimen of medicated baths with trembling fear, but within a few days came to understand that touch did not have to mean pain; touching now meant comfort. Watch this young lady’s astounding transformation. We named her Shimmer, like dancing sunshine.


For those who have so much life left to live, please donate.



The puppy’s heart was still beating. Otherwise, he would have been mistaken for dead. Neighbors were horrified when they saw a passing car run him over, and his head injury was so severe that he didn’t really wake up for another 48 hours. When he did, he couldn’t eat or walk. But one of the first things he did after regaining consciousness was to wag his innocent, adorable tail, and he managed to communicate worlds with those first bursts of joy–joy to be alive. Meet Dil and watch him re-discover his Self: a boy who is charming, subtle, and beams with love.


Please donate and wish upon a star.


Meet the Caregivers:



Rakesh Meghwal (above) is a gentle leader in charge of large animal nursing care, introducing new staff who have never before worked with animals to a new world of service to the most vulnerable. From turning a cow on a mattress who cannot stand, or keeping a bull still while his splint gets changed, Rakesh is a teacher, not just a boss. He “leads by example” and we’re grateful to him for his example being so gentle, bright and caring.


Every day, 20-40 animals in Udaipur are rescued and treated.

Some are admitted into Animal Aid’s hospital and some are treated in their own neighbourhoods. Every bandage, every injection, every meal, every cozy tub had a donation behind it. 

We’re serving animals like Sophia because of YOU. Sophia’s paw was badly wounded and to see her now, it’s hard to believe this extraordinarily cheerful girl was lost in pain a few weeks ago. Every time a transformation like this takes place, kindness scores a little victory.


Please donate



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