Pet stores: big business with hidden suffering


Animals neglected, abused, and killed at Colorado Pet Store. This is what you support when you buy animals.

And not just in Colorado, but all over the world!!

The demand for purebred puppies is causing people to misuse animals as parturients.

They are offered as puppies from a private source or from a loving breed, but in fact many of the animal babies advertised on the Internet come from dubious “breeding stations” from Eastern Europe and are brought and sold Europe-wide and also to Germany.

katzen welpenpg

Usually much cheaper than by “breeders”, but there are also exceptions and puppies are sold for a lot of money. The problem is that the puppies are snatched from their mother far too early. The result is that the puppies are often behaviorally disturbed. What is also bad: the puppies are not sufficiently medically cared for and are often already sick when they are handed over to the buyer.

Welpen Handeln

It is not uncommon for them to die after a short time.

Trunk puppies, puppy rooms, hobby breeders, reputable breeders … What for? The animal shelters are full of wonderful animals waiting for a new home❤


With so much information about this criminal trade with racy animals, there should be no excuse for anyone buying a pet from a pet shop or from breeders.
Some don’t care that the shelters are full because there are many who are convinced that shelter animals have diseases or are problematic.

Murmeltier-Hamsters c-Shi_Jialin

They are the ones who want to get a “pure” product with the purchase.
And with their purchase they kill the hope of an other animal that hopes for years for love, its own house and freedom in a home with its own family.


Don’t buy! never buy living beings, you wouldn’t do it with a human being either, right?
Adopt! save a life, make an animal happy and at the same time you act against the puppy mafia.

Buldog zu verkaufen-streune zu verschenken_n

My best regards to all, Venus

One thought on “Pet stores: big business with hidden suffering”

  1. Kennels and five shops are torturers to death. These people are only interested in money, they are villains living on someone else’s account.


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