More Serbia – Info on the Current Mass Poisonings.

Serbian Flag


Here is a message we have had today (21/2/20) regarding mass poisoning of animals throughout Serbia.

It is self explanatory.   We are currently awaiting contact e mail addresses for those involved at authority / government level; and we will publish these; possibly with a sample letter which you can copy and send, in addition when we know more.


In the meantime, here is the message which arrived with us today:


Hi Mark – For two months now we have had mass poisoning of dogs and other animals in over 50 cities in Serbia. We think the shinters and local authorities operate in collaboration with  republic authorities to do that; but at this moment we do not have specific evidence.

We are reporting about mass poisonings of animals in Serbia, the situation is alarming and we need your help… in less than 2 months more than 250 animals are poisoned on streets of Serbia, the government is not reacting even though we sent numerous pleas to them to investigate, by law, and to stop this madness.
Please send a letter of concern and ask International regulatory bodies to intervene and to send a demand that the Serbian government to stop these mass poisonings.
By these unlawful acts Serbia is violating the International Rotterdam Convention that states that use of Carbofuran is prohibited, also this is a violation of Criminal Law of Serbia, violation of (Serbian) Animal Welfare Laws, violation of Wildlife Protection Acts and also Nature Protection Acts.
The government is not reacting on our demands to investigate and stop this mass poisoning
Carbofuran is forbidden by the International Act of Chemical Review Committee– banned in Canada and the European Union, in 2008. the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a ban on carbofuran because reports showed that this chemical compound killed more wildlife and animals overall than any other poison.

Poisoned dogs , cats  and other animals die in streets and parks across Serbia, and no poisoners have been identified by police – this is very suspicious, which leads us to suspect an organized poisoning directive.

Is this derived from the Belgrade Executive Center?

Who conducts this criminal operation?

We have filed a criminal complaint with the Republic Public Prosecutor and the Police Directorate – with no results so far.

Someone is spreading poisons by nature in Serbia and the police and others are not responding adequately.

Is anyone outside Serbia interested in the spread of dangerous poisons by nature in this part of the Balkans? I doubt.

Thanks. Regards,


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