India: The Crew at ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’ Make More Great Rescues – Watch Some Here.

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Dear Mark,


WAV Comment – we hope that soon we will be able to publish the same great news (as below) for all the Serbian dogs being caught and killed by the shinter contract companies.


Victory for dogs in Udaipur!

The cruel treatment and killing of dogs in the name of a rogue animal birth control contract has been stopped for good. Since the end of November, 2019, we have been working tirelessly with a group of dedicated animal lovers by documenting the violations, filing complaints with police, and protesting in the streets to stop the criminal activities harming our street dogs. By the end of December we had successfully stopped the fraudulent NGO’s operations, and last Saturday the contract was finally cancelled by the Udaipur Municipal Corporation. Bravo to the hundreds of people near and far who said NO to the horrible treatment of innocent dogs.



Magnificent Marshall was giving up when neighbor’s noticed his enormous wound. It wasn’t that this poor boy’s suffering was deliberately ignored by anyone, rather it shows how astoundingly fast maggots can multiply and consume an animal’s tissue. Especially on the back of the neck where a dog can’t reach to clean the wound. Marshall was brave beyond belief and we were so relieved when this determined, (and so handsome!) boy could be saved, and had the chance to show his carers what a huge lovey-dove he is.



Let’s help the animals who just cannot help themselves. Please donate

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With a horribly infected neck wound and a second painful wound on her stomach, this badly injured dog had the heart to ask her rescuers for belly rubs! Isn’t this older dog, who we’ve named Muriel, telling us so clearly that love helps us heal?



Help an older dog’s love light shine. Please donate


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Meet the caregivers:

Sugna Bai Gameti is a gentle all-rounder whose patience and caring heart enables her tremendous flexibility. Whether she’s bathing a squirmy dog, or washing a food bowl, Sugna Bai just “hits the ground running,” adapting to new dogs, new conditions, weather, new volunteers and staff with equanimity and grace. Sugna Bai is one of the quiet heros who are “behind the scenes” and even when the seas are rocky, we all count on Sugna Bai to bring balance to the ship!


Gentle little Aru had a very advanced and serious canine version of conjunctivitis. Untreated, she would have probably lost her sight and possibly even her life. We hurried her into emergency treatment, rising her eyes twice a day with antibiotic eye drops. What would have ended in tragedy was cleared up within 4 days.



Please donate — after all, little ones deserve a chance to see the world, and they don’t want to miss a day!

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