Australia: Nothing Changes Despite the Promises. Officials in Victoria filed a new round of cruelty-to-animals charges, and a shearer has pleaded Guilty. Wool – Watch the Video, and See the Abuse.

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Dear Mark,

Back in 2014, PETA exposed extreme cruelty to sheep in Australia, and six shearers pleaded guilty. The wool industry called that case a “wake-up call” that had forever changed it. But just days before those claims of reforms, another eyewitness was inside the sheds seeing exactly the same abuse as before. In December 2017, the wool industry again condemned such cruelty, and again, it vowed that it and the shearers would do better.

But nothing changed.


In late 2017, another eyewitness went inside 16 shearing sheds in South Australia and Victoria, documenting the same sickening cruelty that PETA has exposed again and again.

Workers still struck petrified sheep in the face with sharp metal clippers.

They still cut them and stitched up their gaping wounds without any pain relief. And they still threw them out of the sheds.

Based on this evidence, officials in Victoria filed a new round of cruelty-to-animals charges and a shearer has pleaded guilty.

Does this look better to you?

Does it look like the industry has changed one bit?



Are you still wearing wool? If you are, please stop. Now is the time to rid your home of wool. What more do you need to see before you stop wearing wool?

No matter where it comes from or what assurances companies give you—even if Eddie Bauer and Eileen Fisher, which sell dozens of items made of wool, do tout their commitment to the Responsible Wool Standard—cruelty to sheep is rampant in the wool industry.

Please, join us in urging Eddie Bauer and Eileen Fisher to drop the charade—and wool—in favour of animal-friendly materials.


Daniel Paden
Vice President of Evidence Analysis
Cruelty Investigations Department


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