Switzerland: Executions of deer possible

Wild deer in the Hörnli cemetery in Basel cause ever greater costs. Individuals are now to be shot, as the city garden center explains to “Schweiz aktuell”.


The Basel Hörnli cemetery is the largest in Switzerland with 54 hectares. It lies on the outskirts of the city and borders on the forest.
That is why deer live there.
For them, the cemetery is a land of milk and honey: practically every day graves have fresh flowers to eat, and there are no enemies – neither dogs, cars nor disturbing bikers.

Rehe jpg

“Deer breed terrific”

Even the visitors do not scare the animals away, but behave extremely calmly. “The deer are multiplying terrific,” says Emanuel Trueb, head of the Basel city garden center.
In recent years, the population has increased from around 15 to around 25 animals (!!!). They live in the cemetery, many were also born there.


As cute as the deer look: they cause great damage. On the one hand, the graves would have to be repaired, on the other hand, one tries to keep the deer away, for example with butyric acid, says Emanuel Trueb. The costs for all countermeasures and maintenance measures would now amount to CHF 100,000 per year.

Deer cannot be driven away

That is why the city must take action now, Trueb told “Schweiz aktuell”, and targeting individual roebucks.
Because the previous measures would have brought little or nothing. “We also tried repeatedly to drive the animals out of the area, but they were back the next day.”

Because the cemetery is in the area of ​​Riehen, it is responsible for a kill. The town council of Riehen therefore investigated the matter.

“The focus was not on the damage caused by the deer, but on the welfare of the animals” (!!!), says councilor Christine Kaufmann.

erschossenes Rehejpg

“We found that the number of roe deer in the cemetery is three times larger than in the forest in a corresponding area,” says Kaufmann, who is also a veterinarian (!!!). And that leads to stress in the animals.”

That is why Riehen supports the cemetery’s wish to kill the deer population with kills.

My beautiful picture

Special approval required

However, since the cemetery is a hunting ban area, where shooting is not permitted, Riehen has submitted a shooting application to the canton. This is now with the Basel Security and Justice Department and should be answered shortly. There is nothing more to be learned.


And I mean…Why can’t the city of Riehen protect the cemetery with a fence?
The Swiss also do it with their motorway, a method which is good for the animals as well as for drivers.

The deer did not come from heaven.
We take away their living space, their houses, their food, hunters kill their children and destroy their families.
The animals try to find peace and security in the cemetery.

“The deer are multiplying terrific,” said the gardener
People too!
“Deer cannot be driven away and cause great damage”
People too!

So… do we want to use the killing method for human pests too?
To regulate the population, as the hunters would say!

My best regards to all, Venus

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