Germany: German federal states further limit live animal transport.



German federal states further limit live animal transport

18 May 2020

Four Paws


Four Paws announced that Lower Saxony and Saxony will no longer approve live animal transports to and through the Russian Federation, while Lower Saxony will also prohibit transports to North Africa, particularly to Algeria and Morocco.

Part of the joint call for a national ban and an EU-wide ban on the export of live animals to third countries, it is a success to see two German federal states expanding the list of those countries.

This is due to animal welfare violations since, according to official information, there are no supply stations for the animals in the Russian Federation. Federal states Hesse and Bavaria have included Russia in their list of banned third countries last year.

We welcome this decision, but there should a nationwide ban in place. The cattle is still being transported to the high-risk countries concerned via other federal states. It is obvious that the animals are exposed to the worst agonies and an unimaginable torture during transport and also at the destination. In Lebanon, Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Iran, among others, the animals are killed under the cruelest conditions.

Rüdiger Jürgensen, Managing Director FOUR PAWS Germany

The post ‘German federal states further limit live animal transport’ is modified from an article published by Four Paws in their original language.



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