Spain: stop the executions of galgos

Galgo nach der Jagdsaison 3

Watch this video and share as much as possible … the world needs to know that this is still happening.

Abuse and killing of galgos must stop !!

Spain is one of the few countries where it is legal to hunt with greyhounds. At the end of the hunting season, many dogs are eliminated or abandoned.


Lax laws allow this practice to be maintained.

After the hunting season, galgos and podencos are still slain, hung up, thrown into wells, tied up somewhere where they starve, thrown alive in crevices or disposed of in some other bestial way.

It’s the damn hunters who use these practices.


The most common method of killing animals is hanging from trees; this type of killing is called “playing the piano”.

The name refers to the dogs’ desperate attempts to stay alive when hung so that their hind feet still lightly touch the ground (this is to maximize animal suffering).

It can take hours for the animals to die painfully.

FOTO mit aufgehängten Galgo
An obvious new way to get rid of their “beloved” dogs, mostly hunting dogs, is this: the animals are tied to the tracks to be killed by a train!

Dozens of carcasses still attached to the tracks have been found in Seville, or in the villages!

galgo auf der schienen
Some were smashed by the train. Some of the dead dogs are even marked with a chip.

(The documentation in the video is from February 2018).

A terrible sight! the discoverers of the mass grave were horrified when they discovered the 30 partially preserved, decayed or skeletonized galgos that lay in a hidden trench in Tarancón (Cuenca- Castilla region)

The dogs were all hunting dogs, mostly galgos. After initial investigations, the Seprona confirmed that due to the state of decay, some of the carcasses have been in this mass grave for a long time, others only recently.
The officials also assume that some of the animals were certainly thrown into the pit alive so that they suffer a slow and painful death, there is no escape from the trench!

Many of the galgos have been shipped, and one is confident that the animal torturers can be identified.


And I mean…It is important to know that every Spanish autonomy has its own animal protection laws.

Other regions may also come up with the idea of excluding hunting dogs from animal welfare, just as bullfighting -as a tradition- is also excluded from animal welfare at EU level. (On November 7, 2013, bullfighting was declared as cultural heritage in Spain, thus legally protecting this bloody slaughter).

Hunting is a hobby for psychopaths that is run by the circles of governments, judges, lawyers, doctors and other financially well-protected sadists and moves millions of euros annually.

But Spain also has many animal welfare organizations and animal rights activists who save as many dogs as possible each year.

We would like to thank them from here for their great work and we wish them a lot of strength in their tough fight.

Spanish writer Chesús Yuste delivered a moving speech about this tragedy in Madrid in 2018.

He complains of animal abuse, speaks of shelters that collapse due to the large number of abandoned dogs, and above all he complains about the impunity of hunters who abuse their animals and a society that ignores these crimes.

Excerpt from Chesús Yuste’s speech:

“The government must act immediately. The Galgos tragedy must be history. And when that day comes, it will come thanks to the work of many people in many communities who do things big and small.
Organizing demonstrations by activists who use it to expose the crimes of hunting, document them in films, spread the message and provide them on social networks, the people who offer rescue and home for these dogs and do a thousand other things.
On behalf of the animals, let me thank them for that.

Friends, friends! As Víctor Hugo said: “There is nothing stronger than an idea whose time has come”. Have no doubt. If the 19th century was the end of human slavery and the 20th century was equal rights for women, we are absolutely convinced that the 21st century will be the recognition of animal rights.
We are working to achieve this. We will all make it together.

We’ll all make it together “.

My best regards to all, Venus

5 thoughts on “Spain: stop the executions of galgos”

  1. It is hard to believe that with the current problems due to the pandemic … these criminals have not finally understood that it is necessary to stop perpetrating crimes against animals, all types of animals.
    Any kind of exploitation must be prohibited.
    And unfortunately the phrase by the Spanish writer Chesús Yuste “Hunting is a hobby for psychopaths that is run by the circles of governments, judges, lawyers, doctors and other financially well-protected sadists and moves millions of euros annually” applies to each nation of this planet. I am speechless: deeply heartbroken.


    1. Dear Claudine,

      The sentence “Hunting is a hobby for psychopaths that is run by the circles of governments, judges, lawyers, doctors and other financially well-protected sadists and moves millions of euros annually” comes from me and not from the Spanish writer Chesús Yuste.
      I am sorry that I did not put it so clearly in my comment.

      best regards

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