Morality is indivisible

pipelline o

We have to let ALL animals out of our plates.

The criterion for letting animals out of our plates is not whether an animal is wild or domesticated, virus carrier, or harmless.

It is also absurd and unacceptable to consider wild animals as the wrong ones and all other farm animals as the right ones for our consumption.

My best regards to all, Venus

One thought on “Morality is indivisible”

  1. Homo sapiens sapiens is a genetic fruit eater, so it is also immoral and absurd that animals and their excrements and vomits are on his plate, in the 21st century these acts demand the legalization of the death penalty for all perpetrators.The more millennial criminal , h.sapiens sapiens must cleanse himself — if he cannot, let ASAP disappear.Animals, as a persons , belong to adequate Sanctuary centres in the nature, not to cages, farms etc.


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