Day: August 2, 2020

Spain: medieval cockfighting still active

In addition to bullfighting, cockfighting is one of the embarrassments of the Spanish country, with the difference that the second is practically illegal.

spanische flagge mit Stier
They can only be associated with the peña, and the presence of veterinarians is not mandatory, although in fights where roosters use spurs on their legs to attack alongside their beaks, the wounds are common and about one in 10 dies in battle.

Las peleas de gallos todavía son consideradas legales en las comunidades de Andalucía y CanariasLas cockfights are still considered legal in the communities of Andalusia and the Canary Islands


The Telecinco program ‘Sálvame’ has shown this afternoon images of Juan José Padilla, Morante de la Puebla and Alberto López Simón in a cockfight held in June in Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Cádiz), which could constitute a punished crime with up to 18 months in prison.

AnimaNaturalis will take the case to court.

In the images that ‘Sálvame’ has shown this Tuesday, you can see the bullfighters how they witness these brutal cockfights from the stands. The act, supposedly, would have been held in June, the month in which Spain was still in a state of alarm due to the pandemic. In addition, there are images in which you can see the bullfighters delivering an award with a minor, who has a mask in hand.

No one else in the photo is wearing a mask.

pelleas de gallos 2

The police have asked the program management for all the evidence, data, photos, and videos to intervene, according to Kiko Hernández during the program.

Are cockfights legal in Spain?

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the religious massacre of Eid al-Adha



The horde cannot wait to circle the victims, as the rules of a brutal tradition require. The knives are carefully sharpened because death with sharp blades can work even more precisely in the service of this bloody tradition.
The victim, alone, as always, alone against the religious mob and its knives, alone, can do nothing but surrender because every resistance exacerbates his agony.

Alone, anonymously, will soon lie on the roadside as a waste product of human madness, brutally murdered on behalf of a god, for whom animals only fulfill the function of the victim.

It is a planned, announced, and approved crime that is waiting for these victims.
It is a legal brutal murder and is therefore also called tradition.

Eid al adha

We are talking about the religious bloodbath Eid al-Adha, the first day of the sacrificial festival this year is July 31st. The celebrations begin on the evening before and end on August 3, 2020.

The massacre will end tomorrow.

Ultimately, the animals are not killed by the sharp knife of religious executioners but of the madness of those who have given them the right to massacre animals in the name of a god, cheaply copied from criminal Christianity.
But also by the complicity of a society that makes this murder possible because it is still breastfeeding in blind faith, lives on empty myths, and remains silent.

We know that this society is no worse and no more hostile to animals than our perpetrator society.

No religion in the world, neither Islam nor Christianity grants animals a right to life, not even respect, none recognizes them as equal individuals in society.

The question is: Does it relieve Islam of its crimes against animals because it also occurs in Christianity? relieves a criminal that other people are criminals too?

We have not given up hope that this society, like any society, will one day remember with horror and shame its crimes of the past, all these brutal traditions of all kinds, which from beginning to end only celebrate violence and atrocities against defenseless animals.

And we will not wait any longer, we will fight against it with all our strength, for an end to every religious massacre in the world.

From the simple fact that we cannot stand injustice, ditto hypocrisy.
Especially if both are practiced in religious dimensions.
For us, it is a crime when mass murderers are promoted as guardians of tradition, and with the outrageous justification of religious freedom.

Tomorrow is always too late when we consider that the murder of the innocent is at stake.
And Eid al-Adha is nothing more than that: a murder –

My best regards to all, Venus

Ireland: Peta are now on board re Irish Live Exports to Libya. Please Sign the Petition and Crosspost to Contacts.

Our recent posts associated with this shipment:

Now that Peta have taken this up, hopefully we will see some action.

There is a petition to the Irish Minister regarding the exports to Libya – we hope you can sign and pass on to all your contacts.

Update 2/8/20:  Irish cattle to Libya – take action and send message to the Irish Minister.

Right now, about 2,000 bulls are being shipped from Ireland to Libya on a harrowing nine-day journey. When they arrive, they’ll endure slaughter so gruesome it would be illegal in their home country.

This misery must end. Let’s join forces to stop the cruel live-export industry:

Petition link:

During live export, frightened animals are forced onto crowded lorries or ships and transported for days or even weeks to foreign abattoirs.

When they reach these facilities, they’re often killed in gruesome ways that would be illegal in their home country.

In 2019, over 200,000 cows were forced to make the long, harrowing journey from Ireland to continental Europe, sometimes in temperatures of up to 41.5 degrees. Close to 8,000 more were sent on even longer, tortuous journeys to destinations with vastly different or non-existent animal welfare laws, including Kazakhstan, Libya, and Turkey. This figure has increased by over 50% in 2020.





New film The End of Medicine—created by award-winning British filmmaker Alex Lockwood and What the Health co-director Keegan Kuhn—aims to spotlight the role of animal agriculture in the rise of zoonotic diseases such as COVID-19. 

Vegan actors and couple Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara have signed on as executive producers of new vegan documentary The End of Medicine. The new documentary, which began filming pre-COVID-19 in October 2019, is directed by Alex Lockwood (the award-winning British director behind 73 Cows and Test Subjects) and is produced by Keegan Kuhn (co-director of vegan documentaries What the Health and Cowspiracy).

Through poignant interviews with world-renowned scientists, The End of Medicine aims to expose the culpability of the animal agriculture in creating massive public health threats such as antibiotic resistance, swine and bird flu, food-borne illness, MRSA, and, the current pandemic COVID-19, which is thought to have started at a wet animal market in Wuhan, China late last year.

“We hope that The End of Medicine is an eye-opening call to action and ignites a spark of willingness to change our habits. The science is irrefutable,” Phoenix and Mara said in a joint statement. “Modern animal agriculture will continue to make us sick if we don’t radically change our patterns of consumption.”

The feature-length documentary is expected to wrap production by the end of 2020.

French government risks paying huge fines if it bows to pressure from hunting lobby.

WAV Comment – In the distant past (centuries ago) in London; the baiting of bears and bulls was commonplace. We grew up and disposed of it because of the cruelty involved; we did not call it ‘tradition’ or any other crap like you get from these hunters or the Spanish bullfighters. It is now 2020 and people wont accept the cruelty – so move; preferably to another planet.

French government risks paying huge fines if it bows to pressure from hunting lobby


‘Hunting with glue-sticks is an abomination’: A dead robin, stuck to a branch by its legs and wings.

 ‘Hunting with glue-sticks is an abomination’: A dead robin, stuck to a branch by its legs and wings. Photograph: Courtesy LPO

France is to outlaw trapping birds using sticks covered in glue after the European commission threatened legal action and fines.

The move was welcomed by campaigners who have described the practice as “barbaric” and who urged the French government not to bow to pressure from the powerful hunting lobby.

Hunters argue the method of trapping the birds, known as chasse à la glu, is a centuries-old rural tradition and say they are being persecuted.

Using glue sticks to catch birds has been outlawed in Europe since the 1979 Bird Directive, except in specific circumstances where the practice is “controlled, selective and in limited quantities”. Since 1989, France has invoked these circumstances to permit glue-trapping in five south-east departments on the grounds that it is “traditional”.

The French Bird Protection League (LPO) produced evidence from hidden cameras to prove that the practice is not selective and poses a threat to endangered species, which persuaded the European commission to act.

France, one of the last European countries to authorise hunting birds with glue, has been given until October to definitively outlaw the practice.

At a meeting with hunters last week Barbara Pompili, the newly appointed minister for ecological transition, told them the chasse à la glu must end by October.

“This is a final warning from the European commission. France cannot be the last country that allows the trapping and barbaric torture of birds. This hunting is non selective and cruel,” said Yves Verilhac, the director of the LPO.

“The hunting lobby is blaming the new minister because she’s a woman and an ecologist, but all she is doing is not signing any opt-outs to the directive this year under threat from the European commission.”

The LPO estimates 40,000 birds are caught using glue sticks by 5,000 hunters every year. The hunters are allowed to catch four types of thrush and one of blackbird, but secretly filmed video shown to the Guardian last year showed robins, blue tits, warblers and finches struggling and dying on glue-sticks or being pulled off and discarded like litter. Last year, LPO activists found a dead kestrel, its wings gummed with glue.

Willy Schraen, the president of the Hunting Federation, said he was in “complete disagreement” with the government’s decision to follow the directive and warned hunters would take legal action.

“I hope the minister will not listen to the sirens in Brussels and will remain true to what France, with its traditions and strong values, represents. This is a very ancient way of capturing birds,” Schraen told FranceInfo.

He added: “I don’t think it’s barbaric. I don’t think those who practise this chasse à la glu are thugs. They are people with strong values who are happy to catch a few birds. Why is this a problem? The real question is … why is the head of environment in Europe wasting time persecuting a few Gaulois?”

“We will legally defend glue-trapping because it is a symbol [of our culture].”

Verilhac has urged the government not to give in. “If they do, the French people will find themselves paying millions in fines for the sake of 5,000 hunters,” he said.

“The hunters paint this idyllic picture of country folk living off the land with their traditions, but these hunters aren’t rural people. Most of them turn up in expensive 4×4 vehicles from the city.”

Verilhac added: “Besides, not all traditions should be defended. Hunting with glue sticks is an abomination.”