Day: August 23, 2020

Stop Covance`s criminal lab experiments

We at Doctors Against Animal Experiments are committed to modern animal-free research and medicine. Animal experiments must no longer have a place in the 21st century!

Afe im Laborstuhl n

The US company Covance operates in Münster, Germany,  one of the largest animal testing laboratories for monkeys in Europe.
Every year up to 2,000 monkeys are killed here in excruciating toxicity tests.

Covance is thus the largest “monkey consumer” in Germany!
Now the group wants to expand: A new building for animal stalls is to be built, an advertisement is looking for animal care personnel (!!!).

covance gebäude MünsterAnimal experiment factory “Covance Laboratories GmbH” in Münster, Germany

So soon more monkeys will suffer and die here!

Covance Inc. is one of the world’s largest contract research organizations with offices in 20 countries.
The branch in Münster specializes in reproductive toxicity tests on monkeys.

covance affe jpg

Pregnant monkeys are often given drugs or chemicals pumped into their stomachs or injected into the bloodstream daily to see the effect on their offspring.
The consequences can be stillbirths or malformations.

The substances are also given to male monkeys to test their fertility.
Such toxicity tests on our closest relatives are ethically unjustifiable and scientifically nonsensical, since the results only say something about the reaction of the monkeys, but do not allow predictions for humans.

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Wasps? No panic!


Summer is wasp time: As every year, from August onwards the black and yellow insects cavort more and more at barbecue parties, at the coffee table, at a picnic in the park or behind the counters of the bakeries.
During these days, the hard-working workers of the “Common Wasp” and the “German Wasp” mainly throw themselves on lemonade, ice cream and cake.

Wasp sharing a pop drink.

For many people, the uninvited guests cause fear.
The bad reputation of the wasps is not justified, because the actually harmless and very useful insects are only looking for food and usually only sting when they feel threatened.

wespen koenigin-

Nadja Michler, specialist advisor for wildlife at PETA, has put together some simple tricks for peaceful coexistence between humans and wasps.

“Wasps are very extraordinary creatures in many ways”.
Some species use saliva and wood chips to produce a paper-like material that they use to build their nests. The workers are tirelessly busy tending to the larvae, bringing in food, expanding the nest and defending it. They really deserve a sweet treat in between, ” says Nadja Michler

wespen netzt 2jpg

This is how animal lovers can keep wasps away:

Distraction feeding: a bowl of overripe fruit placed at a safe distance distracts the animals. Grapes are particularly good.

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I shall be their voice

For the dogs boiled alive in Korea
For the dolphins eviscerated in Japan
For the whales hunted by the Norwegians
For the bulls stabbed to death in Spain

esel arbeitstierjpg

For the donkeys worked to death in Nepal
For the foxes and the badgers torn apart in England
For the elephants maimed and shackled in India
For the bears and the bison and the wolves shot in America

wolf in fallepg

For the seal calves clubbed to death in Canada and Iceland
For the rabbits skinned alive in China
For the kittens and puppies starving in Serbia
For all the animals in labs, in zoos, in factory farms and in circuses

streune in shelterspng

For every animal on the Earth that has to endure the cruel silence of human indifference

I shall be their voice – Mark Stewart

And I mean…we will continue to oppose the daily genocide against animals. The right to life, freedom, integrity, protection must be due to all species. Not a privilege of the ruler.

We fight for basic rights for all feeling, thinking individuals.

Nobody may be disadvantaged or preferred because of their species.

My best regards to all, Venus