Wasps? No panic!


Summer is wasp time: As every year, from August onwards the black and yellow insects cavort more and more at barbecue parties, at the coffee table, at a picnic in the park or behind the counters of the bakeries.
During these days, the hard-working workers of the “Common Wasp” and the “German Wasp” mainly throw themselves on lemonade, ice cream and cake.

Wasp sharing a pop drink.

For many people, the uninvited guests cause fear.
The bad reputation of the wasps is not justified, because the actually harmless and very useful insects are only looking for food and usually only sting when they feel threatened.

wespen koenigin-

Nadja Michler, specialist advisor for wildlife at PETA, has put together some simple tricks for peaceful coexistence between humans and wasps.

“Wasps are very extraordinary creatures in many ways”.
Some species use saliva and wood chips to produce a paper-like material that they use to build their nests. The workers are tirelessly busy tending to the larvae, bringing in food, expanding the nest and defending it. They really deserve a sweet treat in between, ” says Nadja Michler

wespen netzt 2jpg

This is how animal lovers can keep wasps away:

Distraction feeding: a bowl of overripe fruit placed at a safe distance distracts the animals. Grapes are particularly good.

-Bad smells: A halved lemon with cloves gives off a scent that is unpleasant for wasps. Incense sticks and fragrance lamps are also suitable for this.
-Cover food: sealed food is only half as interesting for wasps.
Offer no temptation: do not eat desserts outdoors.
-Avoid sweet perfume: Wasps also react to fragrances in cosmetics.
Shielding: Fly screens on windows and doors help to keep the animals away.

PETA strongly advises against using the wasp traps available in retail stores.

Wasps and other insects die a slow and agonizing death. Wasps are also strictly protected: the unauthorized removal of the nest can result in severe penalties.

This is how animal lovers behave correctly around a wasp:

-Don’t panic: animal lovers should avoid abrupt movements and should not hit or blow at the animal.
-Minimize Hazards: Drink only with a straw from bottles or cans; this avoids accidental swallowing of a wasp.
-Shoes on: If you step on a wasp with bare feet, there is a high probability that you risk a sting. If the animals panic, they try to protect themselves in this way.

Wasp stings are usually harmless to humans; however, they can have dire consequences for allergy sufferers. Also for animals – especially cats, since they have relatively small heads – stitches in the mouth can be critical if the airways swell.

If people or animals are stabbed in the throat, a doctor or a veterinarian should be consulted.

Wasps are an essential part of an intact ecosystem: They accelerate the decomposition process of old trees. In addition, they ensure a natural regulation of ticks, aphids, flies and mosquitoes and thus keep the forest healthy. Like bees, wasps also pollinate plants.


My comment: “It’s just annoying, such an unnecessary insect,” I hear people complain regularly in summer.
Animals never have bothered me, people bother me.
A large colony of wasps has been billeted on our terrace under the awning for years.

Wespen_1Our roommates, the wasps: Image: Venus

Every year, around the beginning of June, our roommates start the renovation work. Because storms and rain, up here in the Black Forest, where we live, damage their house, so everything has to be restored.
Diligent, calm work processes take place intensively that do not disturb anyone.
But people always feel threatened by other animal species.

When we sit on the terrace, they come to us and taste what they want from our offer.
And they leave again, they have no interest in human animals, they have obviously understood the dangers that come from them and avoid them.

The photo was taken with great difficulty because this year the net was well hidden under the wooden beams.
We’re glad to have the colony with us by mid-November, until then we will hear its quiet hum and discreetly observe the hard-working roommates at work.

And an information for everyone: Wasps are protected under the Federal Nature Conservation Act; as wild animals, they must not be deliberately disturbed, caught, injured, or killed.

Their nest must not be destroyed either. In addition, certain wasp species are under special protection, such as the hornets.

My best regards to all, Venus

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