Day: August 20, 2020

France: Great News – More than two thirds of French citizens want better animal welfare – But Will the Government Ever Listen to Them ?

WAV Comment:  Congratulations, the citizens of France have had their sayand the voice is clear and effective.  As always, the governments seem to be living in a different world to ‘their’ people.  The option – vote them out at the earliest convenience !

More than two thirds of French citizens want better animal welfare

19 August 2020

An unprecedented survey carried out by Fondation Brigitte Bardot and IFOP in August 2020 reveals that French citizens want better protection for animals.

A few weeks after the launch of a shared initiative referendum (RIP) on animal welfare, the results of the survey carried out by our Member Fondation Brigitte Bardot and IFOP confirm the interest shown by French citizens in topics related to breeding, hunting, animal experimentation, wild animals used in circuses, intensive farming, illegal pet trade and slaughter without stunning.

The survey was carried out between August 5 and 7, 2020 with a sample of 1,009 people representative of the French population. The results of the survey were covered by Le Monde and show a strong support from French citizens to improve laws regulating the welfare of animals in France.2/3 of citizens want to see an improvement in the protection of animals in France, despite the lack of political ambition of the government. 

For Cristophe Marie, spokesperson of Fondation Brigitte Bardot, “These results bear witness of the interest of the French in the animal condition and the need to start a transition towards production methods that are more respectful of animals, but also towards the abolition of the most cruel practices, such as slaughter without stunning or hunting with hounds.” 

The difficulty is that our young president is pursuing an old-fashioned policy, under the influence of hunters and the FNSEA (National Federation of Farmers’ Unions). These lobbies, with their support from high places, thwart any positive development, making France the red lantern of the animal condition in Europe.”

Cristophe Marie, Spokesperson of Fondation Brigitte Bardot


  • 82% of the French are against hunting with hounds;
  • 82% in favor of a ban on the use of cages within the next 5 years;
  • 91% in favor of making outdoor access compulsory for all farmed animals within the next 10 years;
  • 86% in favor of making  the stunning of animals before slaughter compulsory in France (without exception for halal or kosher slaughter);
  • 77% in favor of banning the breeding of animals for the sole purpose of marketing their fur;
  • 70% in favor of a commitment by the public authorities to finance the development of alternative methods to animal experimentation;
  • 73% in favor of banning animal testing within the next 10 years;
  • 72% in favor of banning the sale of pets through social networks, online platforms and pet shops;
  • 84% in favor of the obligation to sterilize stray cats with financial participation from the municipalities;
  • 73% agree that the public authorities should support circuses professionals in the transition towards circuses without wild animals.


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Posted by Katie Valentine | August 10, 2020

In a landmark judgment, the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has decided to legally grant 15 Eurasian beaver families the permanent “right to remain” within their habitat on the River Otter in East Devon, England.

The “most groundbreaking government decision for England’s wildlife for a generation” comes following a five-year study by the Devon Wildlife Trust regarding beavers’ impact on the local environment and marks the first time in history the English government has supported the reintroduction of an extinct native species within the country. Beavers proved beneficial to the local ecology, the study showed, leading to increased fish biomass, improved water quality, and more food for other animals. Meanwhile, their dams serve as effective flood barriers, preventing nearby homes from being filled with water during storms.

Around 400 years ago, beavers in England went extinct after people hunted them for their meat, fur, and a bodily fluid called castoreum, which is used in perfume, medicine, and food, according to BBC. Since then, the first evidence of a wild breeding population in the country appeared in 2013, when video footage of a young beaver swimming along the River Otter surfaced.

At first, the government threatened to remove the beavers, as unsubstantiated rumours about activists illegally releasing them into the wild in an attempt to revive their numbers surfaced. The Devon Wildlife Trust and University of Exeter, however, won a hard-fought legal battle for the right to study the creatures, who are now legally protected regardless of whether they were deliberately or accidentally returned to their natural environment.

Citing the revival of England’s beaver population as a “public good,” Environment Minister Rebecca Pow mentioned that there will be ongoing attempts to conserve the species, including possibly compensating farmers and landowners in exchange for allowing the animals to live on their land.

There are around 50 beavers living along the River Otter today, all of whom are considered disease-free and non-threatening to the local communities and wildlife that they share their environment with.

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Mallorca: the cat torturers of Manacor

GRISITO was one of those cats that live on the street, of those that are part of our landscape, of those that are ignored by the institutions, the same ones that should take care of and protect them.

The same ones that have legal responsibility for them.

He didn’t even have a name, now, yes, Grisito.

Grisito Bildpg

(translated text of the petition) : He was one more neighbor of Manacor, a noble cat whose only crime was living on the street and looking for life as he could.

The street is hard, seldom friendly, and almost always cruel to the most defenseless, but the street, let’s not forget, we are all.

At dawn on Saturday, August 9, 2020, he had the misfortune to run into some young residents of Manacor, who, bored with his bland life, tortured him savagely to death, with a brutal disregard for his life, the nameless cat, the invisible one, nobody’s, every one, also a neighbor of Manacor by right, suffered until his death.

They are accused, among other things, of removing one eye from the animal with their fingers and then killing it.

A neighbor in the area did not look the other way and thanks to that, 2 of the alleged perpetrators were arrested and the next day they were released pending trial (!!!)

The town of Manacor expresses its most energetic rejection of these events, we want Grisito’s cruel death not to go unpunished, we want our cat to be honored with a change in that obsolete Law, that they are never again considered objects, if not sentient beings because Grisito felt …

Justicia Para Grisito_

He felt fear and pain until his death. For this reason, we demand a review of the penal code to apply improvements in it. We also demand improvements in all municipal ordinances. We demand that the authorities fulfill their competences just as we demand effective awareness campaigns.

We are all gray, a society cannot shelter, normalize and protect such despicable acts towards a defenseless being, facts like this are the beginning of a threat to the integrity of all, we must tackle the root problem.

That is why we ask that these “beings” be applied to the maximum legal penalty and do justice for Grisito. His death cannot be in vain … but the beginning of a change.

May their suffering help other “Grisitos” to get rights and laws that protect them so as not to end their days in the worst way inside a garbage container.

Fly high, little angel, free and fearless.

Please sign the Petition:


And I mean…From the PACMA website:  These sadistic people caught this cat in the wee hours of the morning, tied it up, and tortured it for fun, gouging out one eye amid the desperate howls of the animal.

They beat him and threw him several times to the ground until he ended his life, leaving his corpse in the street as if it were a loot”.


(photos are from Twitter)

(translated from Spanish-twitter comment): “Now @damiaaalexandre and her killer friend and cat torturer @joancarralero try with whole stories to run over and run away, to avoid facing the fact that they are shits who do not deserve the air they breathe. You are garbage”.

The data are personal but not secret.
We know who they are because they are part of the Partido Popular (PP) lists, if it weren’t for that, we would be cursing them without knowing their identity since the laws protect the criminal …

That is, “thanks” to the PP they are fully identified … After this, they will no longer go on any list of any political party, they are already on the BLACKLIST.

What right to privacy can have a human carbage? Which is the right to the integrity of criminals and what is the priority of right to the save of innocents???
This is to protect criminals, it has no other name.

The name, lineage, profession, and photo of thieves, killers, animal and/or human abusers, and other slags must always be published. Since justice does nothing, let it be society itself that can judge and know who is his neighbor.

Several animalistic associations have called a demonstration in rejection of the death of ‘Grisito’, in Manacor. The protest, which was originally scheduled for August 22, will finally take place on September 5, at 7:00 p.m., in the Plaza Ramon Llull in Manacor.

Everyone has to go!

More than 41,000 signatures, on the way to 50,000 and that in just one week. The Mallorca parties take place without them!
The news appeared in the BILD newspaper, in Germany.

Manacor becomes famous thanks to these two murderers. The cat torturers from MANACOR!

My best regards to all, Venus