Austria: poachers run amok-100 animals killed, including protected ones

A gang of poachers is said to have killed more than 100 animals, including protected birds of prey. The gang is said to have been active in the districts of Gmunden, Salzburg-area in Austria. The police also found dozens of firearms.

The poachers were equipped like members of a special military unit. Rifles, silencers, and night vision devices were used to shoot everything during night operations which is not allowed.
The list of slain animals is long

At least 26 deer, gray and little egrets, beavers, foxes, buzzards, goosander, brown hares, pheasants, weasels, muskrats, crows, pigeons, jackdaws, jays, sparrows, green and black woodpeckers, house sparrows, blackbirds, squirrels, and brown trout were killed without to pay attention to any restrictions or closed seasons.

Beavers, foxes, squirrels, blackbirds – almost everything was poached


Frozen wildlife in the house

The police have been looking for the accused, who are between 19 and 52 years old, for months.
A 27-year-old was the first to go online during a traffic check in the early morning hours of June 1st in the Gmunden district.
He had a hunting rifle in his car, and in his house, there were frozen wild animals and some hunting trophies.

Further investigations led to more and more poachers, and house searches revealed more and more illegally hunted animals. In addition, 78 firearms of all categories, several thousand rounds of ammunition of various calibers, 31 silencers, night vision devices, and thermal imaging cameras as well as extensive equipment for self-production of ammunition were seized. Often they shot out of moving cars.

After extensive investigations, more than 55 acts of crime have so far been identified in which the accused were active in alternating cooperation and in different combinations in many districts.

The animals were hunted with rifles, silencers and night vision devices


According to the police, all seven suspects basically confessed at the interrogations. Provisional weapons bans were issued against all seven. The property damage caused by the gang is said to amount to a five-digit amount.
WWF speaks of “ecological amok running”

The nature conservation organization WWF Austria is appalled: “We are shocked by this ecological rampage.
Such crimes are among the main threats to strictly protected species and destroy decades of conservation work.
The illegal pursuit of animals is not a trivial offense, but has to be punished with the full severity of the law, ” says WWF conservation expert Arno Aschauer.
The WWF takes the politicians to duty and demands more resources for the investigating authorities and severe punishments.;art4,3286093



And I mean...

1. Expensive telescopic sights, night vision devices, thermal imaging cameras, 31 silencers, 78 rifles, and several thousand rounds of ammunition!
Who can afford that?
Guess!! people from the military.

2. “The perpetrators explain the offenses because of their interest in hunting and weapons. The awareness of injustice is likely to be very low,” says a district inspector.
Is it different by hunters?
Of course not.
Hunters also kill pregnant animals, mother animals, young animals, pets, stray animals …everything that moves.
Hunting is murder, hunters are murderers, it doesn’t change whether the murder is committed by the poacher or the hunter.

3. (the best at the end): “Among the victims are nine owners of hunting grounds who want to be compensated with around 15,000 euros” !!!!
For those who didn’t understand: the poachers have murdered in foreign territories! that annoyed the hunters, who had leased the territory, then they demanded that the “others” have to pay for it. The financial loss counts for the hunters, not the animals!

Compensating hunters as victims because others have murdered their animals and not themselves, that’s what I call an indictment of the government and the media.


My best regards to all, Venus

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