White feathers in the wind

Text: Association against animal factories (VgT), Switzerland

A truck loaded with chickens drives towards Märwil in the canton of Thurgau, to one of the largest chicken slaughterhouses in Switzerland.
White feathers swirl in the wind.

Birds breathe fresh air for the first time in their last hours of life.
But they can’t enjoy it. Terrified to death, they have to hold out in tight blue boxes with other fellow sufferers until they are all killed when they arrive at their destination.

But that is only a small part of a painful existence. Recently hatched in a sterile room, they were never allowed to experience what it means to feel the warmth of a loving mother.

Within just 5 weeks, they grew from 40 grams to over a kilogram of body weight. Everything hurts because the child’s skeleton cannot keep up with rapid growth.

Actually, they are still chicks – in a body that is much too large, which was only bred to reach slaughter weight as quickly as possible.

Two hours ago your white feathers were blowing in the wind across our windshield.

Now you are already dead. Miserably suffocated in the gas chamber, dismantled and already processed into a chicken.

You would have loved to have just lived happily as we did, according to your nature and your needs. But you didn’t get the slightest chance.

A feather got stuck in the grass by the roadside. We stopped and took her.

Representing the millions of victims who are killed every year in Switzerland after a sad and painful life. For a short treat for the palate.

Don’t lose courage, get up again, wipe away your tears, and keep fighting so that this horror comes to an end at some point. But sometimes, like today, it’s incredibly difficult …..


And I mean…Those who fight against violence, slavery, and torture of animals have to expect long sleepless nights.

But we still have to go on.
The animals only have us

Whether you are an activist, animal liberator, or an active member of an organization … every voice that is raised against the daily holocaust of animals takes us and those we fight for a few steps further.

My best regards to all, Venus

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