Germany: Pigs mutilate as military training

The following scenario is so cruel that it is probably beyond your imagination: Against your will, you are fixed on an operating table, as if for an operation. But in truth, they have to serve as an exercise object. Surgeons stab them to cause severe, bleeding wounds and poke their stomachs.

Then they kill them. – A horror movie? Unfortunately not.

This unimaginable fate is still a cruel reality for pigs in the german military today.

In so-called live tissue training, also known as trauma training, the german military uses live pigs to replace people with war injuries. Even though there are already animal-free methods such as simulation models that depict human anatomy in a lifelike manner.
Mutilating pigs is of no use.

Each year, the German military mutilates live pigs in gruesome and deadly trauma training exercises for surgeons, even though studies confirm the superiority of human-patient simulators and regulators have blocked attempts by the U.S. Army and contractors to conduct this self-described live tissue training (LTT) in Germany.

During LTT, the German armed forces use pigs as stand-ins for troops wounded in combat, and military medical personnel practice surgeries on the live, bleeding animals. Not only is this inhumane, but these animals also have drastically different anatomy and physiology from that of humans, which makes maiming pigs irrelevant to human battlefield medicine.

Globally, LTT is the exception, not the rule.

In 2017, the U.S. Coast Guard, following a PETA eyewitness investigation and extensive discussions with us, ended what the agency’s leader at the time called “abhorrent” trauma training on animals in favor of advanced human-simulation technology.
A landmark study published by PETA and military medical experts in the journal Military Medicine also found that nearly three-quarters of NATO member states don’t use animals in their military medical pieces of training.

As part of a campaign against the abuse of animals in trauma training courses in NATO countries, PETA USA approached the German Armed Forces in 2010.
At that time, our partner organization was informed that the military worked with modern models, not with animals.
But a 2016 publication showed that animals are still being abused.

In 2020, PETA and our German affiliate fired off a letter to Germany’s defense minister calling for an end to all trauma training drills on animals, citing the widespread availability of anatomically accurate human-patient simulators and other realistic non-animal methods that can mimic severe bleeding, breathing difficulty, responses to medication, and even death in humans.

Things have long been different: after campaigns by PETA and its international partner organizations, the Polish military has already confirmed that it will no longer use animals for trauma training.
Poland has thus joined the almost three-quarters of the NATO countries that do not torture or kill animals in military exercises.
So all these countries see themselves in a position to work with modern simulators instead of suffering animals – then the German army can do that too.

A 2020 study published in the journal Trauma Surgery & Acute Care Open found that non-animal simulation training “improves surgical procedures and processes.”

Current studies show that medical professionals who learn treatment on simulators are just as well or better prepared than professionals who have been trained in cruel training on animals.

In April 2012, a disturbing video was leaked to PETA USA showing secret trauma training by a military unit in Virginia Beach (USA).

In the video, instructors cut off live goats’ legs with hedge trimmers, cut their bellies open, and pull out their internal organs. The goats don’t seem to be properly anesthetized, they moan and kick their legs. Meanwhile, you can hear a trainer whistling happily and jokes are made.

Please TAKE ACTION below to help end these barbaric trauma training drills on animals by sending a letter to the German minister of defense and urging that country’s military to switch to more modern and effective non-animal methods.
Since there are animal-free methods, animals may no longer be used in trauma training!

Together we can ensure that the German military and other institutions no longer torture animals for exercise and test purposes.



And I mean…A soldier has to practice something for the next war against Libya, right?

If LTT is the exception and not the rule for many NATO countries, that does not apply to Germany.
We here have long practiced the exceptions as rules.

A Chinese proverb says: “Good irons are not made into nails,
good people don’t become soldiers”.

And I say that training to become a soldier is the high school for professional murderers. Mothers and fathers should know what they are doing when they let their son become a soldier.
They train him to be a criminal.
And by that I don’t just mean this particular LTT crime against animals.

My best regards to all, Venus

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