England: Good News for Once – Psychiatric Nurse Quits Job After 20 Years to Open Her Own Cat Cafe – Purrfect ! – It Brings a Big Smile From Customers To Cake and Cat !

All photos – Metro London / PA Real Life.

Jack, Jasper, Arti, Vanilla, Oscar and Molly at the cafe.

Vanilla enjoying some cake and coffee.

That looks tasty – when no one is looking …………….…………….

Psychiatric nurse quits job after 20 years to open her own cat cafe


Two of Kay's cats

Psychiatric nurse quits job after 20 years to open her own cat cafe | Metro News



kay making a coffee in her cat cafe


After spending two decades working her way up the ladder as a psychiatric nurse, Kay Allen, 58, decided to pack it all in and do something radically different: open her own cat cafe. The former nurse from Holloway, North London, was inspired to make a change when she visited a cat cafe for the first time and was blown away by how relaxed she felt.

In 2018, she took the plunge and opened up ‘Whiskers and Cream’, a space where people can watch and play with nine gorgeous cats. Kay said: ‘I had often joked about the idea of running my own cafe and baking cakes but, having done something as full on as I had before with the level of pressure and stress, it felt almost not enough of a challenge, in the right way, for me.

‘Then I came across the idea of running a cat cafe and I traded in my old job, that was 24/7 and where I was never really off duty, with 24/7 responsibility for a cat cafe.’ Kay qualified as a psychiatric nurse in 1998 and spent two decades as a clinician, working her way through the health service to end up managing a large inpatient psychiatric unit in the capital.

Read more with extra text and lots of photos at:

Psychiatric nurse quits job after 20 years to open her own cat cafe | Metro News



Arti, Amelia, Jack, Jasper and Oscar lining up for food

‘It’s a calming and therapeutic space and even in lockdown I can be sat there in the cafe and people walking past can go from having a straight face to an almost overacted “oh my god” and a huge grin and smile. ‘That for me, from my background treating people’s mental health, gives me so much pleasure.’

Regards Mark

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