Togo: Livestock Ship Now En Route To Greece As Reported Yesterday.

Photo – Animal Welfare Foundation AWF – 4/3/21.

Live transport update: the Elbeik vessel change course

4 (and 5) March 2021


No longer headed to Cartagena, the vessel carrying nearly 2,000 bovines is now directed to Piraeus. The animals’ conditions and destiny are still unclear.

After stopping near Crete to refuel and get feed for the animals, the Elbeik vessel was supposed to navigate to Cartagena, where the Karim Allah is still docked with all the bovines onboard. 

Today its final destination changed, as it’s heading to the Piraeus port (Greece), which is approved for Border Inspection

This recent move does not shine light on the animals’ destiny. Our member Compassion In World Farming is in direct contact with the Greek veterinarian authorities, asking them to get onboard if the vessel docks.

The Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union states that animals are sentient beings. In line with this basic EU principle, we call on the support of the Greek Authorities and the European Commission to take all the necessary steps to get the Elbeik to dock at Piraeus. 

After three months at sea, as sentient beings, these animals deserve to be unloaded, checked by veterinarians and relieved from their suffering. 


WAV Comment – This is news from the AWF dated 4/3.  We also did a post yesterday also in which we declared the Elbeik was heading to Piraeus (Greece). 

Togo: ‘Elbeik’ Livestock Ship Now Heading for Greece, Not Spain According to Information. – World Animals Voice

5/3/21 – We are currently monitoring the movement of the vessel, and can confirm that the Elbeik is currently underway and due to arrive at Piraeus at around 1500hrs local time; 5/3/21.

Temperature in the region is 16 degrees C, 61 degrees F.

Regards Mark

One thought on “Togo: Livestock Ship Now En Route To Greece As Reported Yesterday.”

  1. This inhumane saga is beyond belief, even now they are still trying to find buyers for these poor animals. Have they no compassion, no understanding of the suffering they are inflicting. Once again this highlights how little the EU and Spain care for animal welfare. I hope there will be some prosecutions, although this would be of little comfort to the animals.


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