South Korea: Hellscape dog farms in Gimpo, South Korea – ALL 60 Dogs Have Been Rescued – Watch the Video To See Their ‘Life’ Conditions. Please Take Actions; and Donate !

WAV Comment – A wonderful and brave rescue by our animal fri8ends at CARE and You Sachun – we admire the animal saving work you have undertaken.  Please watch the video (below) f the rescue and then consider making a donation to help the care of the animals – thank you. With Covid across the world and the continual use of wet markets; is it not time that ALL these abusive facilities were shut down for good ? – thereby saving animals and also the human race ?

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Hellscape dog farms in Gimpo, South Korea

All 60 dogs are rescued!

Please click the video to watch!

But they are in terrible condition and will need extensive medical care.

CARE and You Sachun will care for them until they find forever loving homes.

Please help by donating whatever you can afford.

Thank you! 

Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE) is trying to rescue dogs from two illegal dog farms in Gimpo, South Korea.

These dogs were left alone to survive on completely rotten and molded food waste that appears to be at least 10 – 20 days old. Scattered among the living dogs were the bodies of those that had already died. CARE came with another dog rescue group You Sachun but the farm owner is nowhere to be found.

CARE had received an agreement from one of the dog farms that they would relinquish their dogs yesterday, but the second farm is the one with even more dogs trying to survive in even more horrific conditions, and there is no relinquish agreement with that farm owner.

If not rescued soon, it is unknown how long these dogs can survive. This dog farm is no better than a grave for the dogs; these poor animals are so desperate they cried out when they saw the CARE rescuers, begging to be saved. It’s suspected that dogs at some government shelters, instead of being euthanized, were illegally brought here. There are all kinds of dogs here including the dogs who had vocal cord removal surgery.

Despite the request for help, the City of Gimpo and the Gyeonggi-do Special Police never showed up. CARE and You Sachun will use all means possible to save the dogs. They are asking us to file a protest with the city of Gimpo and Gyeonggi-do province to help with the removal of these dogs from this dog farm. There are about 60 dogs to be rescued and CARE and You Sachun will try to rescue all of them, provide medical care, and find homes for them.

The cost to do all of this is going to be enormous. Therefore, they need compassion and generosity from caring people like you. Please help them save these suffering dogs by donating whatever you can afford. Thank you!

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Donation Information

Donate to CARE:

To donate by Paypal:

Hana Bank Account no: 350-910009-40504 CARE
When you send donation, please put 19 next to your name.

For recurring donations: Hana Bank Account no: 350-910009-41104 CARE

CARE’s email:

 Donate to CARE by Paypal

Donate to You Sachun:

To donate by Paypal:

Shinhan Bank Account no: 100-033-069413 You Sacheon

A wonderful rescue – from modern, compassionate people. It gives you hope that the world is changing for the better and that soon all these facilities will just be pitiful reminders of the cruelties of the past.

Regards Mark.

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