Great News From Peta ! – China Announces New Cosmetics Regulations Without Animal Testing.

PETA is celebrating great news out of China! Beginning on May 1, the Chinese government will allow companies to apply for an exemption to market most imported “general cosmetics”—such as shampoo, body wash, lotion, and makeup—without the usually required animal testing.

This news comes after our determined campaign that ramped up in 2012, when PETA revealed that some formerly cruelty-free companies had quietly started paying the Chinese government to test their products on animals in order to sell them in China. Hundreds of thousands of animals each year have been subjected to tests in which products were forced down their throats, rubbed onto their raw skin, or applied to their sensitive eyes.

After uncovering this, PETA funded training for Chinese scientists in the use of non-animal methods. This work is paying off!

Read more about this breakthrough here. Please continue to support 100% cruelty-free companies when purchasing personal-care products by referring to our Beauty Without Bunnies database of more than 5,200 compassionate companies and brands that don’t test on animals anywhere in the world.

While you’re here, please do more for animals in labs:


Let’s End All Experiments on Animals! | PETA Action

Thank you for all that you’re doing to help animals!


Kathy Guillermo
Senior Vice President
Laboratory Investigations Department

Regards Mark

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