South Korea: Great News – No Objections To New Animal Welfare Bill No. 7035, Relating to Dog Meat Slaughter and Consumption.

WAV Comment – ‘No Objections to the Bill’; your compassion is making a difference.

We see this as a very positive move for the issue of dog meat (farms) in South Korea. But do not stop now, see the newsletter link below for info and to take more actions.

Thanks – Regards Mark

Click here to read the full newsletter:

Your compassionate action is making a difference!

South Korea’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety added

below statement to their response to our e-People petitions:

“We would like to inform you that our Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, has issued a “No Objection” opinion with respect to the recently proposed amendment to the Animal Protection Act (Bill No. 7035, 12/30/20), sponsored by 10 legislators including Congresswoman Han Jeong-Ae.

This Bill No.7035, bans the slaughter and sale of dogs and cats as food, and imposes penalties in case of violation. We are also cooperating with the push ahead of the proposed amendment.”

Learn more and further actions:

Click HERE to learn more about the Bill No. 7035 and take actions to help. 

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