Thailand: Inhumane Treatment of Bua Noi & Primates in Pata Zoo – Please Sign and Demand Freedom To Sanctuary Home.

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Inhumane Treatment of Bua Noi & Primates in Pata Zoo

Pata Zoo license comes up for renewal this month June 2020 It must not be renewed ! For years animal activists have been raising issues on the inhumane treatment of Bua Noi in Pata Zoo a privately owned zoo located on top of a department store Pata Pinklao in Thailand.

An offer from The Aspinall Foundation of moving Bua Noi to a Sanctuary facility. They have the experience and capacity to facilitate it and can fund the transfer at no cost to the owner Mr. Kanit Sermsirimongkol.

They’ve been running gorilla rescue and release programmes in the neighbouring Republics of Congo and Gabon for over 35 years, and have released over 70 gorillas during this time.

Such a transfer would have significant welfare benefits for Bua Noi, and sends a powerful message about protecting wildlife and habitats in the countries of origin.

Bua Noi has been held in a department store since 1987 that’s 33 years of suffering in captivity, how she was brought into Thailand is questionable the paperwork doesn’t add up she could have possibly been a fallen victim of wildlife trafficking.

In March 2015, it was reported that Thai authorities charged Pata Zoo for breaking several laws and ordered the removal of all large animals (sadly NOTHING HAS HAPPENDED!!!! )

Then the DNP responded by declaring it could not withdraw the licence of Pata Zoo as the zoo had not done anything against the law. The DNP director-general argued that the Wildlife Conservation and Protection Act did not forbid animals from being caged in high-rise buildings and, therefore, Pata Zoo did not violate the law by maintaining a zoo on top of a building

Having reviewed the Cruelty Prevention and Welfare of Animal Act states (B.E. 2557 (2014) Section 3 states “Cruelty” means an act or a failure to act which causes an animal to suffer, physically or mentally, or causes an animal to suffer from pain.

The conditions Bua and other primates are forced to live in
• Small Spaces
• Barren Concrete and steel cells (outdated)
• No natural environment (no sun, no grass , no plants, no soil )
• Suffering mentally
• Isolation

Just this year in April 2020 a fire broke out in the zoo , to think of the mental state of the animals during this horrifying time! This should have prompted the government to shut the zoo down it’s unsafe the zoo and the building is old and dilapidated

The zoo is currently on lock down with the rest of the world due to the pandemic and the effects are taking it’s toll to humans, imagine Bua Noi the last gorilla in Thailand living in complete isolation .

This is the time the government must look at this issue with compassion and recognize that there is no conservation in allowing Bua Noi continued suffering !

Please Sign her petition Pata Zoo license must not be renewed to learn more about her story and other primates watch Stolen Apes .

How can we allow this type of suffering to continue ?

Please support the petition;

Regards Mark

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