cyclists with dogs-a danger to humans and animals

When the outside temperature is 25 ° C or more, one encounters an astonishing natural phenomenon: cyclists with dogs.

They hide all year round, but from midsummer they crawl out of their holes.
Airily clad people who enjoy the fresh wind blowing around their noses while cycling.
Because when you go on foot you sweat too easily at the temperatures.

The whole thing with a dog, usually on a leash, panting alongside at a gallop, with its tongue hanging out to the asphalt.
Preferably on the collar.

OMBUDSMANN: Hunde dürfen nicht ans Bike gebunden werden! «

What is going on in these people?
Do you think dogs perceive temperature differently?
Are these the people who let their dog roast in the car in the parking lot even in summer?
In your eyes, is that workload, the famous workout at any cost?
Saves the annoyance of moving the dog quickly?
Simply shorten the length of the “walkie-lap” by setting the pace?

Basically, please don’t exhaust a dog.
You work a dog to the full.
Just because we sit 10 hours a day in the office, which is against human nature, and we compensate for this by evening stress jogging or running on the treadmill, we don’t have to transfer this burn-out preparation to our dog.

A dog needs 18-20 hours of sleep a day.
If possible not in solitude, because this is not a restful sleep.

And what then do dogs in freedom, that is, street dogs, feral dogs?
They move leisurely from garbage dump to garbage dump and don’t run through the woods at a gallop.
And especially not when it is hot, but when it has cooled down.
You rarely see animals running voluntarily for more than a few minutes, be it wild animals or domesticated animals.

If you feel the need to “work off” your dog in midsummer temperatures, then please run for half an hour through the blazing sun yourself.
But with a warm jacket, yes?

Action shot of a black female German Shepherd running in the park, connected with a rope to a bicycle behind her.

A dog does not have to be “exhausted”.
Utilizing capacity never has anything to do with km / h, but with experience, using your senses in peace, community, feeling nature, being a dog and letting your mind wander.

Everything else is counterproductive and, through the production of the hormone adrenaline, causes the dog to need more and more and to become more and more jittery instead of calmer and more balanced.

Text: Claudia Obladen

And I mean…It is also about the safety of the dog and the cyclist.
And of course the dangers of road traffic.

Just because it went well 100 times does not mean that the dog is not suddenly distracted the 101st time by another dog, car honking, screeching tires, screaming children, … and it reacts unpredictably.
The dog does not react the way you want, it sprints off, you fall, you injure yourself, a car slams on the brakes because of your dog or tries to evade, it comes to an accident, to a very stupid accident.

None of this is theoretical.
I witnessed such an accident for this reason, and not just once.

Therefore, please share this article

My best regards to all, Venus

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