Cyprus: Success against poaching

Committee against Bird Murder e.V.

Spring Mission Cyprus 2021

A video says more than 1,000 words: At our bird protection camps in April and May, we caught 49 poachers, secured 545 traps and 67 nets and rescued more than 200 birds!

Our video from the spring deployment in Cyprus shows what is behind the sober numbers:

(to see the video, please click on the picture)

And I mean…Cyprus is the “problem child” of bird protection in Europe.
In gardens, bushes and acacia trees specially planted for poaching, countless bird trappers set up liming rods to catch the resting songbirds.

Thrushes and warblers are particularly numerous, but also cuckoos, owls and other protected species.
The captured animals end up in the saucepan and not infrequently in restaurants, where they are offered at high prices as delicacies.

Bird trapping has long been forbidden – the relevant laws were tightened once more when the country joined the EU.

But the poachers seem above the law.

The perpetrators hardly bother to hide their trapping facilities because large parts of the rural population have little awareness of poaching

On the other hand, the authorities and the police are not completely inactive, but there is usually a lack of staff and the right will to take action against poaching.
For this reason, the teams are often left on their own.

When the committee team found the position of a very active poacher in Famagusta in 2012 and collected the liming rods, the poacher attacked the activists with a club!!

In autumn 2020, when the team filmed him setting up the liming rods, the poacher was fined € 200!

The bird catchers known to the team – around 1,200 people – usually have no financial worries.
Bird trapping is a hobby that promises to be a real gain.
It has nothing to do with poverty.

My best regards to all, Venus

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