Learn about circus in 60 seconds

PETA Germany

The glittering world of the circuses disguises the inadequate animal husbandry conditions and the violence and coercion shaped dressage.

Wild animals do not belong in the circus and it is finally time for a wild animal ban in circuses!

Text: PETA

And I mean … a ban on the use of all animals in the circus business would be even better.
It is fundamentally impossible to keep wild animals in circuses in a species-appropriate manner and therefore cruelty to animals.

Numerous countries have got it and have already issued strict bans or restrictions on wild animals in circuses.

For example, Peru, a poor country is among them.
Germany, the richest country in Europe, is not among them.

Some countries around the world also prohibit the keeping of all circus animals – not only wild animals such as tigers, lions, giraffes or elephants, but also domesticated species such as horses or dogs, which are also often used in animal training in the circus.

What a strong lobby must have circuses with wild animals in Germany!!
There is no other way to explain why a civilized country, the richest in Europe, still supports and maintains the wretched circus with wild animals in the 21st century.

My best regards to all, Venus

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