Spain, Madrid: – big demonstration against bullfighting on September 18th – be there!

“The bulls in the sea” suspended for one more year in DÉNIA, Spain.

Every year, in this Alicante town, this horrible and cruel tradition takes place, which consists of deceiving and harassing the bulls until they jump or fall into the sea.

Once in the water, people, in boats or swimming, harass, mistreat, cheer and humiliate the animals. They catch them and thwart their attempts to get back to land. The images are of a creepy anguish.
Many of these animals end up drowning.

(Click on the picture)

This year, like last, this horror will not take place due to the health crisis.

From PACMA, Animal Welfare Party of Spain (Partido Animalista) we continue working so that cruelties like this are never celebrated again.
For this reason, on September 18 we need you in Madrid to demand the end of bullfighting.
You cannot be absent!

And I mean…Bullfighting and bull festivals violate all ethics of modern civilized countries and societies.

Unfortunately for this “tradition” the primitives are wasted Millions that are urgently needed for the school or health system.

It is finally time to abolish these “traditions”, which were invented from the darkest time on earth – namely during the time of the Inquisition, and to stop proudly cherishing a culture of prehistoric men.

We support PACMA activists and all anti-corrida organizations in their fight, we will never be tired of fighting on their side against this torture.

So … everyone to Madrid on September 18th.

My best regards to all, Venus

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