Colombia bans the animal vehicles

In the third debate, the departmental authorities approve a bill that PROHIBITS animal-drawn vehicles throughout the whole national territory!

According to this bill, the district, municipal and departmental authorities in whose territories animal-drawn vehicles circulate “will initiate substitution programs. Once the substitution of animal-drawn vehicles has been carried out, the transit of animal-drawn vehicles will be prohibited. competent authorities will proceed to their withdrawal, immobilization and seizure “.

This project is of total relevance to the country, for years citizens have witnessed the unfortunate conditions to which thousands of horses are subjected, strenuous work days, inadequate nutrition, physical abuse, the permanent risk of being run over by vehicles, and inadequate veterinary care.

caballo maltratado

Cases of physical mistreatment of equines are becoming more and more frequent, from the Colombian Platform for Animals we have been making quite a few complaints over the years.

Horses remain exposed to high levels of pollution, compete on the roads with automobiles and in the event of an accident they always have the upper hand; It is constantly observed that horses suffer wounds and lacerations that are not treated in time, fractures, vertebral problems, and the inadequate maintenance of their hooves are daily bread, in addition to the cruel abuse, such as the whip, to which many are subjected.

If this project is approved, the district and municipal mayors will have six (6) months from the entry into force of this Law, to carry out a census with 100% of the data of animal traction vehicles and their owners, which it must be sent to the Ministry of Transportation and the National Road Safety Agency, forming a registry of beneficiaries of the substitution programs.

The article also mentions that “owners of these vehicles may avail themselves of the substitution contemplated in this law on a voluntary basis and the municipal and district mayors will be in charge of the identification using technological tools.”

It should be remembered that in Colombia, successful substitution processes for animal traction vehicles have already been carried out, by virtue of Decree 178 OF 2012 of the Presidency of the Republic.

The examples of Bogotá and Medellín attest to this.

However, this decree prohibits the urban transit of animal traction vehicles only in municipalities of the special category and in first-category municipalities in the country, therefore in many municipalities this tragedy still continues.

From the Colombian Platform for Animals ALTO, we will continue to support this project, we applaud the decision of the Senate committee, and we urge the Senate plenary to approve this important project in its last debate.

And I mean…Thanks to the activists of Colombia!

The big problem in this country, as in many other countries, is that laws are drafted that unfortunately nobody obeys, because nobody checks whether they are being followed.

We’re moving on, we’re making progress on animal legislation 🐾
They are small steps, but often small steps have a big impact.

My best regards to all, Venus

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