EU: Tuesday 22/6/21 Will See the 9th Meeting of the EU Animal Welfare Platform – Hopefully With Positive News for Animal Welfare.

From Mark, WAV.

Tuesday 22/6/21 will see the 9th meeting of the EU Animal Welfare Platform

The EU Presidency is urrently held by Portugal for the period 1 January 2021 – 30 June 2021.

In case you are not aware, the EU Presidency is held for a 6 month period by each of the EU member states in turn.  It is known as a ‘Rotating’ Presidency, giving each member state a period to set out agendas.  When Portugal completes its time, the Presidency will be taken over by Slovenia.  You can view all past and future presidencies via this link:

Hopefully there will be some positive news and information; relating to long distance animal transport and also the the ‘End the Cage Age’ relating to the ban on intensive animal farm systems throughout Europe.  Other issues discussed will include equine (horse) welfare and the alternative methods to pig surgical castration, and welfare issues associated with dairy cattle.

I think that with the excellent news relating to the ending of intensive cage systems for farm animals –

EU: Parliament Votes To Make Cages for All Farmed Animals Illegal Across the European Union by 2027. Major, Major Victory for the EU Citizen ! – World Animals Voice

The citizen of Europe is finally being listened to.  Politicians know they have to meet the EU citizens demands or face being un elected whenever the next chance arises.  So now we see positiveaction on intensive cages; as demanded by EU citizens.  Hopefully there will be positive progress on animal transport to third countries; but we will have to wait and see what news the meeting brings.

All the more reason to add your name to petitions and letters when you have the chance.  It may not seem much at the time; but these are very effective ways to make your feelings know; so plese take part.

Rergards Mark

9th Meeting Overview:

The 9th meeting of the Animal Welfare Platform will open with a message from Health and Food Safety Commissioner, Stella Kyriakides, who will give an update on the progress of the ongoing European Commission’s actions under the Farm to Fork Strategy.

Agenda – View the Agenda details via the following:

aw_platform_20210622_agenda_0.pdf (

The agenda of the meeting includes presentations by the Commission of the outcomes of the evaluation of the EU Strategy for Protection and Welfare of Animals (2012-2015), the preliminary results of the Fitness Check of the EU animal welfare legislation and the conclusions of the sub-group on animal welfare labelling. In addition, the third EU Reference Centre for the welfare of ruminants and equines, which was recently designated, as well as the Code of Conduct for responsible business and marketing in relation to animal welfare, will be presented.

MEP Paolo de Castro will introduce the main elements of the recently adopted European Parliament Resolution on the ECI “End the Cage Age”. Furthermore, the Portuguese Presidency will present updates on their work on long distance transport to third countries.

The two first sessions of the meeting will be conducted as part of the United Nations Food Systems Summit 2021 Dialogues to underline the key role that animal welfare plays in the sustainability of food systems. The Platform will have an opportunity to contribute to these dialogues, which are part of the preparations for the Summit in September.

The one-day meeting will be web-streamed (from 09:30 CET).

More information:

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