YULIN: the same massacre this year

In Germany alone, 40,000 piglets end up in the rubbish bins every day, they are rubbish and are not needed.
Per day!
Half dead, lying helplessly dying, they die a painful, slow death after being hit on the floor.
The cattle are hung by one leg, their necks cut off, millions of animals die the same gruesome death for minutes, not just at a week-long festival, but every day.
Only these “other” animals were not declared as pets by humans.
One wonders if Yulin would get that much attention when it came to pigs or calves.

Of course, the Yulin massacre is not justified by the fact that it could be worse in every country with different “animal species”.

ALL animals have the same feelings and exactly the same right to a happy life without suffering and without being killed for their bodies in the end.
The same pain is for ALL animals, there is no difference, the difference is only in our mind and our upbringing.

Therefore: If we have not understood it for hundreds of years, we should finally understand it NOW that animals are not our slaves, are not food, they have their right to live as roommates in peace on this planet.

Anyone who is against the massacre in Yulin should be vegan in principle. Everything else is hypocrisy.

My best regards to all, Venus

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