Germany has decided: No ban on animal transport and wild animals in the circus

“Today is a bad day for animals – it is shocking that the Federal Council has rejected the initiatives of its own committees for a third country animal transport ban and an extended wild animal ban.

We are dismayed that Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner and the Union-led countries were able to assert their anti-animal interests”.
“Peter Höffken, PETA Germany)

On June 25, 2021, the Federal Council voted on an expansion of the Animal Welfare Ordinance – with no good result for the animals.
A ban on long-distance animal transports in 17 non-EU countries was rejected.
The Federal Council also rejected the Animal Welfare Circus Ordinance for a ban on certain wild animals in the circus.

Animal transporters are allowed to continue driving to third countries

Animal transport to non-EU countries means enormous animal suffering.
In many countries there are not enough supply points.
The animals often have to endure horror journeys of days and weeks without rest or food.

Cattle, sheep, pigs and other animal species suffer enormously from heat, cold, hunger, thirst, tightness, stress and exhaustion in their own excrement during transports.
When they arrive at their destination, they die in agony, because even when they are killed, EU standards are often not complied with.

No wildlife ban in the circus

Germany, Hanover | 2018 09 05 | animal show with wild animals in the circus Krone in Hanover.

Although the Federal Council’s agricultural and environmental committees initially requested an amendment to the new circus ordinance, this has now been rejected.

It was planned to ban the further acquisition of certain animal species such as elephants, big cats or giraffes for circuses.
The requirements for animal husbandry, accommodation and transport should also be specified.

However, the ordinance submitted by Federal Minister Julia Klöckner was so bad that it would not have brought any significant improvements.

Wildlife dressage is often associated with violence and beatings. Many countries have therefore banned at least certain animal species for circuses – Germany is one of the few EU countries where circuses can still do what they want with animals.

And I mean...We live in a country where animal ethics do not matter, because those responsible either do business with animals or are indifferent to animals.
One scandal follows the other: illegal conditions in slaughterhouses, illegal animal transports to third countries, criminal animal researchers ensure Germany’s reputation as the “world’s animal testing laboratory” ….

We are ruled by a pack of lobbyists in this banana republic

My best regards to all, Venus

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