Slovakia bans chain for dogs-great!

By “Humánny pokrok”

Excellent news for animals: Yesterday, Parliament approved a ban on keeping dogs on a chain !!!
Congratulations to the activists of the animal rights organization Animal Freedom, which is behind the ‘No to Chains’ initiative 👏💙.

They won a ban on chains for dogs in Slovakia, for which they deserve one huge thank you 🐾!

96 of the 117 deputies present voted in favor of the ban, saying NO to the chains! The petition was signed by up to 97,000 Slovaks who so clearly expressed their disagreement with the injustice committed on dogs in Slovakia ✊.

👉 The amendment to the Veterinary Care Act prohibits the breeding and keeping of a dog tethered in a breeding facility, except for the breeding or keeping of a dangerous dog, tethering a service dog and a special purpose dog during guarding or work for which the dog is intended, or during training , and short – term tethering of the dog under supervision during the cleaning of the breeding area, feeding or during the treatment of the dog.

The law applies to newborn dogs from January 1, 2022, to dogs born before this date from January 1, 2024.
We from Humane Progress, we look forward to being one step closer to better animal welfare in Slovakia!

Source: TS Sloboda zvířat

And I mean…As in many other areas, Germany is lagging behind in this area.

If you see this photo it is assumed that it was taken in Poland, Hungary or any other country without a large animal welfare lobby.
But that’s the way it is here in Germany, this type of dog keeping still exists.
On farms (“that’s how we always kept our dogs like this”) or in small villages where no one would dare to “blacken” their neighbors, unfortunately, chain dogs can still be found. But this type of dog keeping is not only a thorn in the side of animal lovers, it is also prohibited by law

One doesn’t own dogs like a collection of art or books.
Dogs cannot be switched on or off depending on what you want at the moment, and then ignore them and lock them away the rest of the time.
There will never be a real human-dog relationship on this basis.

If you keep your dog on a chain, your animal will suffer!
Chaining – social isolation – is the worst thing a person can do to his friend, his dog.

“whoever keeps his dog on a chain is an asshole!!!”

We condemn chain binding for ALL animals as cruelty to animals, and loathe people who do it.
We fight against them, and therefore the decision of Slovenia is a small success to our fight

My best regards to all, Venus

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