Carriage horses: animal suffering

Text by Anke Schürmann (SOS Animal Mallorca)

Nothing has changed so far for our poor and battered carriage horses in Palma
And still many tourists use this terrible kind of “sightseeing” without even thinking a bit.

Right now, with these incredibly hot temperatures, it is absolutely hell for these poor animals.
Many of them lose their lives in the process or suffer really great agony.

And there are alternatives – and really good ones 🍀


In 2017 I wrote a post about great electric carriages (see below) that I discovered by chance in Münster / Germany at that time.
I was absolutely thrilled.
But these electric carriages are also being used with great success in Berlin, Dresden and other cities and they are very well accepted there.
Animal-friendly, environmentally friendly, almost noiseless and super comfortable – what a dream it would be to see that in Palma – and in other regions too … ❤


Of course, all of this is not so easy and cannot be implemented quickly, that is completely clear.
But we should NOT stop talking about it, stop to draw attention to it, stop to enlighten and also talk directly to people who want to go for such a trip (or who have already done it).

Just to wake them up – this is how a friend did it today in Palma.

And we can ALL do that – at least.
Because everyone who no longer gets on such a trip is a small success 🍀
I just keep hoping for an animal-friendly solution – someday ..

Text: Anke Schürmann

And I mean…Coachmen claim that horses need exercise and justify the cruel “tradition” with the fact that the animals have been used as a means of transport for thousands of years and are at least moved in front of the carriages instead of standing in the stable all day.
“The horse is a domesticated animal, bred for work for centuries. The animals are happy when we harness them, we notice that.” so the horse- carriage drivers

In reality, they talk that way because they don’t give a shit about the welfare of their animals. They are only interested in the cash register

Forcing the sensitive animals to continue running with brute force or with the whip, even in extreme weather conditions and weighing several hundred kilograms, is pure cruelty to animals.


In June 2018 two horses collapsed in Tyrol, Austria.
In the afternoon heat, two completely exhausted horses collapsed, one of them even died!

In Barcelona, ​​an animal had to be euthanized on the street after it collapsed while driving.

This form of cruelty to animals is happening right before our eyes – we should finally take action against it.
Meanwhile, more and more cities are deciding to ban horse-drawn carriages – including the European metropolises Paris, London and Barcelona.


Commercial horse-drawn carriages are also banned in Oxford, Tel Aviv, Delhi and Montreal.
An alternative solution is to switch to electric carriages, for example.

On the one hand, this would make the streets safer – on the other hand, cities could boast such an innovative attraction and attract tourists.
And there would be no more dead carriage horses on the street

My best regards to all, Venus

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