Philippines: A 9 year old boy opened his own animal shelter

A 9 year old boy spent his pocket money on stray dogs and then opened his own animal shelter

The father was happy about his little son’s deed

Ken Amante is a minor citizen of the Philippines.
The boy has already set himself apart from his peers and deserves special respect.
Ken loves animals all his life.
And as soon as his parents gave him pocket money, he bought food for stray dogs.
Ken spent all of his money on it every day.

One of those days, his father decided to find out what his son was spending his money on. He was surprised by what he had learned because his young child bought food for stray dogs and fed them.

The animals had serious problems due to exhaustion, all their fur fell out and they had many wounds on their bodies.
Ken fed the dog and her little pups.
The boy even gave nicknames to his new friends: Belysh, Kashtan and Chernysh.

Although the dogs were happy to accept the food, they were afraid of approaching the boy.

The father was happy about his little son’s deed. The man took several photos and posted them on the Internet.

Photos immediately became popular, and many who did not remain indifferent began to offer him help, and there were many such people from all over the world.

With her help, Ken was able to fulfill his dream. And when he was nine years old, he founded his own animal shelter.
He named it “Happy Animals Club”.

The shelter started operating in 2014 and became the first in the Davao area.
Now the shelter is still working, and all thanks to the support of interested and caring people.

Ken’s parents are responsible for the organizational work.

They rented a plot of land independently, and also bought everything necessary for their full-fledged work.

Ken asked his parents to buy only high quality, healthy food for their dogs. At first the shelter was only intended for dogs, but now there are other animals.

The first to come to the shelter were the three dogs that Ken fed. And thanks to the veterinarian, they got rid of their health

problems. And shortly thereafter, Ken found a family for them!

The shelter has already rescued around a hundred animals and given them new homes and caring owners.*

*all photos by

And I mean…Respect and admiration for the little boy.
The earlier one learns love and compassion for the other animals, the more useful it becomes to our society

My best regards to all, Venus

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